Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Calgary 70.3

Originally this race was not on the schedule. A few friends wanted a shot at qualifying for Vegas 70.3. I didn't get a full bike at Boise 28.5 and this race fit better within the season. We left DuPont early Friday morning. We stopped several times throughout the drive and pulled into Calgary 14 hours later. This was the furthest north I have ever been.

Our home away from was the Hyatt Regency. The best part of using the race hotel was we didn't have to go anywhere to pick up our race packets. This was not an ideal location to stay because T-2 was 5 miles away and T-1 was another 40 miles further. There was also an issue of parking and not being able to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies because cable was not working.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast then hopped into the pool for a short swim. I guesstimated the pool at 15 meters. I quickly whipped through 50 lengths without getting too dizzy. I went down to grab my race packet. They added a $20 fee to register with the ATA (USAT 1 day registration equivalent). My frustration was that it should have been an option online when registering for the race. Particularly since they were taking cash only and the nearest ATM was not working. Finally after getting cash and receiving the packet, I got everything ready to take out to the transition areas.

Saturday was a day of many frustrations. Especially if you aren't willing to pay for roaming and data charges. The navigation system in the car was somewhat unreliable, sometimes it found our destination and other times wanted us to drive several hundred miles away. We eventually found our way to T-2 to drop off our bike to run bags. We rode our bikes along the run course for about 20 minutes to spin out our legs. After cleaning our bikes we drove to the race start and dropped the bikes off. Once we got back to the hotel, we ordered pizza and got everything ready to leave early Sunday morning.

Somehow we managed to be in the car and ready to leave at 5am race morning. This is the first race when arriving early to the race site did not guarantee a close parking spot. The volunteer said he was alternating cars parking close and far. Really? We walked down and set up our transition area. On the way back we stood in line for the port-a-potty and chatted with Magali Tisserye, who ended up as the top female. I put on my XTERRA VENDETTA and warmed up for a few minutes.

Swim - 29:59
It seemed like everyone decided to sprint to the first buoy. I had so many people around me. It thinned after after the first right turn. I felt good throughout the swim until my goggles were pushed into my eyes. UGH!!! I came out of the water second in my age group.

T-1 - 2:06
I used the wetsuit strippers, grabbed my bag, and ran up the hill to my LYNSKEY.

Bike - 2:30.14 (23.1mph for 58 miles)
The course was very scenic. At one point I saw a hawk land on a post on the far side of the road and eyeball me. A few seconds later on the near side I saw another hawk. Pretty cool stuff.

T-2 - 1:26
I quickly dismounted and then tried to lift my bike over the curb. I almost dropped the bike. I racked the bike and put on my NEWTONS. I stopped just before leaving transition to fill up my water bottle.

Run - 2:03.41
I felt good for the first couple kilometers. It seemed like my effort was very high and my stomach did not feel right. I tried to walk off the pain. Nick passed me right after I started walking and ended up having a great race himself. Every time I attempted to run, I would experience pain in my lower left side within 60 seconds. I knew it wasn't going to be my day. I walked/jogged the rest of the race.

Finished 13th in my age group.

I honestly thought I drank plenty during the race until I realized that I did not pee for 7 hours. I consumed 60 ounces on the bike, 20 ounces on the run with coke at several aid stations, and 30 ounces of water/gatorade after the race. I must do a better job of hydrating or Vegas will be the same result.

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