Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing but eating

I didn't workout all week. I replaced training with eating. I ate and ate some more. I plan to start getting the blood pumping tomorrow.

Congrats to Lisa Matson. She ran a personal best at the Seattle Half Marathon and placed 2nd in her age group.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The race that wasn't

I was up at 4AM. I drank 2 Boosts. I arrived at the race site by 5. It was more of a maze then I remember to get around. I set up the LYNSKEY (Green Machine). I dropped my special needs bags off then got body marked. I was done with everything by 5:30. I passed off my pump to Elizabeth and Caroline. I relaxed for the next 40 minutes listening to tunes and sipping on NUUN. I started donning the XTERRA VENDETTA. They let us enter the water at 6:45. I jumped into 62 degree water and warmed-up. They started the pros at 6:50 and us 10 minutes later.

SWIM - 59:37
We were packed in like sardines then boom. It was rough for the first 400 meters. I got hit in the throat and head several times. Someone even managed to hit my goggles, which then filled up with water. After 800 meters, I was able to get into open space. I felt good. I felt even better after the turn-around as I started to pass several swimmers dying from starting out too fast. I also saw a couple of eagles flying and a V formation of birds. I exited the water with assistance from a volunteer. I looked at the clock and thought really. I expected to be 3 minutes faster especially since I swam 3000m two weeks ago at 1:27 pace. I finished with 1:34 pace.

T-1 - 3:27
The wetsuit strippers were so close to the swim exit, I didn't have time to peel down the wetsuit. The volunteers ripped off the wetsuit and I was off to grab my bike back. I had to get it myself because the volunteers were too busy. I ran into transition and put on my SPIUK, OAKLEYS, and SHIMANO tri shoes. I ran over to grab the LYNSKEY and headed out.

BIKE - 5:06.58
I was feeling pretty good at the start until around 5 miles. I took a left turn and felt my front tire grabbing the road. As I straightened up, I notice the air pressure was very low. I know I didn't have a flat because it held pressure all night. I stopped and decided to only re-inflate. I used a new inflator and could not figure out how to make it work. Finally after fumbling around for a minute or so, I inflated the tire. I was back on the road and figure I lost a couple of minutes. No big deal the day, there is plenty of time to make it up. Out on the beeline highway we had a head wind going up and a tailwind coming back. The winds switched directions on the second loop. I started cramping in my right quad. I thought this is odd, so I tried to drink more water. The cramping only got worse. The make things harder the winds picked up on the last loop. I really struggled on the 3rd loop. It seemed like an eternity to get back to transition. I knew this was going to be a long day. In 2009, I peed on every loop. This year zero on the bike. I was drinking a lot. Too little too late.

T-2 - 1:17
The volunteers were great, they grabbed my bike and had my run bag ready. I put on my NEWTONS and grabbed my visor & run bottle.

RUN - 3:54.11
The first couple hundred meters were great with all the spectators. I was cramping under my ribs, so started walking for most of the first 2 miles. The cramping started to go away, so I was able to run more than walk for the next few miles. I walked through every aid station grabbing coke. I also had a major hot spot under my the ball of my left foot. I was taking S-CAPS every 2 miles. The hot spots disappeared around mile 8. That's when I could finally feel my feet. I started to get into a nice groove for the next few miles. I finally went to the bathroom around mile 11. My left knee started to hurt too. Then the cramping came back around mile 14. I could not get them to go away. I did a lot of walking for the next 6 miles. I started to play with my breathing and was able to run more than walk. I had to breathe more deeply and it seemed to keep my cramps manageable. I kicked into another gear for last 1.2 miles. I passed several people in the last 400 meters. It was mostly out of frustration for the race that wasn't. My pace at the end was well under 7 minute miles.

10:05.30 - 15th Division and 153rd overall
This was my worst performance in Arizona. 2011 turned out to be my worst season of triathlon. I went into this race with big expectations of myself. Back to the drawing board.

Congrats to Elizabeth Thiel, one of the athletes I coach. She had her fastest bike & run splits and overall time. She placed 2nd in her age group, 5th amateur female, and another trip to the Big Island. Congrats to Caroline, her little sister, for completing her first ironman and getting onto the podium.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 more chill days before the race

I was up at 5:40 yesterday morning. After first and second breakfast, I headed to the race site to run the remainder of the course. There were a few minor changes to the course, nothing I can't handle. I felt strong on the run. I finished up with 3.43 miles averaged 7:18. I kept telling myself to slow down and save it for race day.

I walked over to get some A.R.T. done on my glute and foot. I had a different guy work with me. He was good, but not as good as the Richard. I drove to Whole Foods for lunch. I went with Spicy Tuna and Spicy Salmon rolls. I also stopped for a COCOMO (chocolate and coconut coffee).

I switched out my training tires for brand new CONTINENTAL tires. I chose to go with the ATTACK for front and 4000s rear. I also switched over to VITTORIA latex tubes with 60mm extenders. I chilled for a couple hours then headed to the Slowtwitch gathering at TRIBE MULTISPORT. I chatted with Meredith Kessler, who is one of female favorites on Sunday. I saw some sweet pro bikes. I drank a glass of SHOCK TOP, good stuff. We didn't win anything from the raffle, but walked away with Lindsey Corbin beer, a pint glass, and a SHIMANO hat.

For dinner, I went to Whole Foods for a couple of pizzas and snacks. I spent a couple of hours cleaning my bike, then off to bed.

I woke up this morning at 4:50 and started reading. After 30 minutes I felt tired, so climbed back in bed for another hour. I switched up my breakfast this morning to eggs and a bagel with peanut butter & honey.

After breakfast, I drove out to Tribe Multisport to get the shifting dialed in. The mechanic ended up not showing up. I waited around for almost 30 minutes until one of the other employee's tried to fix it. I rode my bike to the race site and squeezed a short swim. I got in the water 1 minute before they stopped allowing people into the water. I swam for 10 minutes.

I still was not happy with my shifting. Elizabeth was also having issues, so she walked over to the Specialized tent and one of her friend's looked at our bikes. Then I walked over to the check in my bikes and gear bags. This is the first ironman I have participated in where they took pictures of the bikes. Odd?

I did my usual thing for lunch, iced coffee and sushi. I finished "I'm here to win!". It was a good read. I have much respect for Macca. My plan for the rest of the day is absolutely nothing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Green Machine

I was up at 5:30 this morning. I continued reading "I'm here to win!". It has been very good reading so far. I ate my usual breakfast then back to the room to surf the web. I headed to the pool for a short swim. I felt better than yesterday and finished with 1.3k. I decided to get a smoothie on my way out. It was called Green Machine, which I thought was very fitting since it is the name of my bike.

I drove to the race site to pick up my race packet. I checked out a few of the vendors. I talked to Mike from XTENEX. They make awesome laces that I have been using the last 2 years. The line for registration was long, so I walked over to ART (Active Release Technique) tents and there was no line. I met Richard, who worked on my left glute and foot. I left there feeling awesome. I picked up my packet and drove over to RA SUSHI for lunch. They make a sushi bowl that is simply amazing.

I headed back to the hotel and saw a DUTCH BROTHERS COFFEE on the way, so stopped by for coffee. Back at the hotel, I relaxed, surfed the web, and read. I got a call from TRIBE MULTISPORT that my bike was ready. I picked up my bike and drove to Shell gas station. This is the turn to for the long out and back stretch along Beeline Highway. The workout was short with a few 1 minute intervals. I somehow managed to average 24mph for the out and back, 19+ miles in 47.5 minutes.

I tried to switch out my cleats, but was missing longer screws because of the shims I use. I drove to ACE HARDWARE. They were very helpful. I stopped at WHOLE FOODS for dinner. I chose a slice of turkey, chicken curry salad, and mozzarella pasta salad. I also grabbed 2 dark chocolate chip walnut cookies. The rest of the night was spent setting up my race bags/bike, surfing the web, and watching TV.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Travel, workouts, and interesting...

Workouts have been going great. It has been nice to be in Tempe, AZ. The weather right now is in the low 70s.

Several months ago, I booked a good deal for my flight through Southwest Airlines. Yesterday morning, I checked a bag and bike box and paid $50. I landed in Phoenix just before 1PM. I picked up my bags and bike then caught the shuttle for the rental car. I got a pretty good deal through Priceline. It was my first time using the website. A mid-size SUV cost $20 per/day. I checked into the Residence around 2:30PM. The had some major renovations last year. The hotel looks much nicer. I assembled my bike and drove toward the course.

It was a short ride with several 1 minute intervals at Olympic effort. I felt strong. The shoulders were full of debris. I was playing a video game trying to dodge glass, rocks, and crap. It was hard to see on the way back from the Beeline Highway because the sun was shining in directly into my eyes. I finished with almost 25 miles averaging 22.6mph. I drove back to the hotel and cleaned up.

I took my bike to Tribe Multisport to get it tuned up. There store is very big. They sell a lot of triathlon gear. There were several athletes on their bikes in one of the rooms. It was a definite sweat fest going on in there. I gave the mechanic my bike and knew I needed a new chain. I also found out the cassette needed to be replaced. Thanks Andres for making it easy. On my way back, I stopped at Whole Foods to grab dinner. I ate a green chili chicken breast with mozzarella pasta salad and udon noodles. I needed a snack and grabbed a bag of fig newtons.

After a good night of sleep, I walked over for breakfast. I ate a Belgian waffle with blueberries/strawberries and scrambled eggs. I washed it all down with a glass of orange juice and a coffee. I surfed the web for a bit then headed over to the race site for a run.

It was short run. The race course is 3 loops. I managed to run most of the course except 2.5miles or so. It felt so good to run in the sun. I had a few short intervals at half marathon pace. I stopped by Starbucks for an iced grande black and white peppermint mocha and a bagel with cream cheese. Yum!!!

I chilled at the hotel for awhile before driving to the pool. I have always wanted to check out Lifetime Fitness. The facility was amazing! They are so many options for working out. They have an indoor and outdoor pool. I chose outside because I need to take advantage of warm sun while I can.

The swim was only 1800 meters. After a short warm-up, I swam 2 rounds of 100 fast straight into 400 race pace (1:15-5:49 and 1:11.5-5:37). I was slower on the first one as my body was still warming up. The second was faster than anything on Monday and I averaged 1:24.25 on the 400. As I was leaving, I saw a smoothie bar. I ordered a smoothie. It was awesome.

I was craving sushi for lunch. I headed over to Whole Foods and saw a sushi bar. I walked in and asked for a sushi bowl. She didn't have it on the menu and wasn't going to try to make it. I walked over to Whole Foods and picked up sushi there. Whole Foods is becoming my home away from home. I grabbed spicy salmon avocado and spicy tuna avocado. It was definitely better than what I would have received from the restaurant next door.

I headed back to the hotel and saw a truck, Quick Fire Response Protection. I had never seen a truck like that, so thought it was interesting. That is until the guy rolls his window down to light a cigarette. Things that make you go hmmm...

Monday, November 14, 2011


After packing the bike yesterday, my throat started to feel a little weird. I immediately began taking Zicam. I slept really well and felt good this morning. I swam 2100 meters. The main set was 3x (100fast + 300 Ironman pace). It felt easy to hold race pace (1:13-4:19, 1:12-4:15, 1:12.5-4:13.5). The last 300 was averaging 1:24.5 per 100. I started to feel a little under the weather after the swim so back on the Zicam.

I made sure everything was in good order before leaving work. I ran for 40minutes. I took the dogs for over half of it then headed to the track for 2x800s at half marathon pace. I just missed my goal on the first one and made the second one by 2 seconds.

6 days to race day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Friday morning I swam 4200 meters. I felt great in the water. It took very little effort to go fast. The main set was 9x200 on 3:00 descending every 3. The first 2 sets went quickly, the last was a little more challenging. My fast 3 were (2:41, 2:41, 2:39). I finished the workout in 66 minutes. I inhaled a Honey Stinger waffle then went for an easy 50 minute run. It was very windy. I assumed it was going to pour on me because the clouds were very gray. I did get somewhat lucky. It rained lightly on and off for the last 40 minutes of the run. It poured after I finished. I ended up with 6.47 miles.

Yesterday morning the weather was cold, upper 20s. There was frost on the houses. The good news was the roads were dry. The weather called for a storm around 2PM. I assumed that I could stay dry, so headed out the door at 9AM. It wasn't too cold at the start. The warm-up felt hard (I looked at my data later and realized I must have been in a head wind). The workout was 2 rounds of pacing for next weekend. I used the same strip of road so I could compare rounds. My numbers were 1% higher on the second round. The winds picked up considerably. The rain also made an appearance. My feet slowly became icicles. It felt like someone was shoving ice cubes into my socks. I only managed to average 20mph for the 45+ miles. I took off all the wet clothes and grabbed my run gear. I felt like I was running on air. The goal was to run no faster than 7:30s. First mile 7:03. Are you kidding me? It did not feel that fast. I told myself to slow down. Next mile 7:13. Really? Now I felt like I was running really slow because it felt like I was taking small steps. Last mile 7:27. Close enough. It took me a couple hours to turn my feet from white back to normal.

I headed to the pool this morning for the only workout of the day. It consisted of a warm-up, some fast 25s and a long cool down. I put up the fastest times of the year on the 14-15. It always feels so easy to swim fast after fast 25s. I did 2x400s pull on 5:40 after the 25s. I finished up with 2.5k.

The rest of the day will be spent packing and relaxing.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last warm sunny day...

I started the morning off with an easy 1500 meters. I felt a little sluggish in the pool. I had another long day at work, so I took a long lunch and squeezed in a 90 minute bike ride. It was sunny and warming up. This will probably be the last warm sunny day of the year. I started with a 25 minute warm up, 4 thirty second builds, 15 minutes cruise, 25minute at Olympic effort and finally 20 minute cool down. The 25minute felt so much easier than last week. I felt great for the first 15ish minutes. I negative split the effort by 15 watts and averaged 23.4mph. My improvement from last week was 1%. I ended up with 31.29 miles. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last long swim and run...

Monday morning I swam 4.2k. It was the last long swim until race day. I felt strong. My 600 splits (8:46-8:42-8:41-8:43-8:44) for an average of 1:27.2 per 100. It was almost 1 second per 100 faster than last weekend with an extra 500. After work I skipped the nap because clouds were moving fast. I took the dogs out for an easy 30 minute run.

Yesterday, I adjusted my schedule at work. I squeezed in a short nap and a 24+ mile easy bike ride. I was glad the weather stayed dry. It was a long day.

This morning I ran for 90 minutes. I felt really good. I had a few short intervals at half marathon pace. Somehow my average pace was 7:18 per mile for the run. It felt really easy. I swam an easy 2000 meters at lunch.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cold weekend

I wasn't sure what to yesterday morning about my 5 hour ride. The temperature was low 30s when I woke up. I don't do well on the bike when it is below 40. I contemplated during the workout on the trainer. I dragged my feet until 9AM. The girls were going to ride outside, so I put on as many layers as possible and donned the most important items (Sugoi Firewall bike gloves and Pearl Izumi Amfib tights). It was cold, upped 30s when I finally started. My legs felt heavy and tired. The workout consisted of varying intervals and intensity. I added 15 minutes to the ironman effort to make it work with my first stop. I hit my power numbers on the first round. I stopped at Texaco to eat a Honey Stinger Vanilla Waffle and drink a hot cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino. I decided to do 2 loops of Johnson Creek road because there are minimal stops and very little traffic. I just missed hitting the numbers on round 2. That was all she wrote. I was very hungry so I stopped and wolfed down a Honey Stinger Waffle. For the rest of the ride, I just rode. After 2 loops, I was back at Texaco to eat another Honey Stinger Waffle and Cappuccino. I was lucky to this point about staying dry. As soon as started the last hour, it started to sprinkle. I was glad it was short lived, Ranier to Yelm. Cold is one thing, but cold and rain breaks me. I finished the ride with just over 100 miles. I changed clothes and grabbed Kona for a short 30 minute run. I expected to feel horrible since over half the ride was challenging. Instead, I felt great. I had to tell myself to slow down. My last mile was well below my goal pace. Oops. The run was so effortless. I finished with 4.02 miles. The rest of the evening was spent recovering and eating. I saw TOWER HEIST. It was entertaining.

This morning I woke up to temps in the mid to upper 20s. BRRR!!! I headed to the pool for lots of fast 25s. I felt good in the pool. I averaged 15.5s on all forty. I always feel good after swimming fast 25s. Last set was 400s pull cruise on 5:45. I finished with 3800 meters. After taking a nap, I headed to the track for a few mile repeats at half marathon effort. I put in another solid workout. The effort was the same as last week, the speed was faster. I finished with 7.22 miles in 49 minutes.

Less than 2 weeks til Ironman Arizona.

Friday, November 4, 2011

31 degrees

My appetite was back to normal on Tuesday. I rode nice and easy for almost 25 miles. The temperature has dropped steadily over the past week.

It was a nice, warm 31 degrees Wednesday morning. I was out the door by 5AM for a 2 hour run. I felt strong for the first 75 minutes. I threw in a few 4 minute intervals at stand alone marathon pace. I picked up the dogs for the last 45 minutes. Actually Fina didn't make 1 minute, so I turned around and let her back in the house. My pace slowed 20+ seconds per mile. I guess the dogs don't like to run fast when it is so cold. I was just shy of 16 miles. I cleaned up, made a smoothie and coffee, and was off to work. I squeezed a short 2k easy swim at lunch time. My legs felt a little tired. After work, the clouds decided to make an appearance. I skipped the nap and headed out. The dogs were tired. I let them run off leash, so I could run at race pace. The first was a little rough. I settled into my pace for the rest of the run. I finished up the day with almost 22 miles.

I swam an easy 2000 meters yesterday morning. I felt better in the pool. After work and a nap, I got my stuff ready for a 2 hour ride. Since my favorite cogs were bent I needed to switch out cassettes. I thought I was tightening the cassette on my first attempt, so I switched directions. Only to figure out, I was really tightening the cassette. I got it on my third attempt, which was the same as the first. I headed out at 4PM. It was cold and dry. There were some ugly clouds in the distance. I warmed up with a few 30 second efforts, rode easy for 10 minutes, then went into 25 minutes at Olympic Tri effort. My legs felt tired from the running on Wednesday. I hit my goal power number. It was only 2 watts lower than last week, but 5 minutes longer. The weather was weird. The road I did most of the ride on was dry. A road that parallels was completely wet. It was dry in Dupont as well. Only in Washington.

This morning I swam 3.6k. I felt sluggish at the beginning of the warm-up. After several hundred meters, I was ready to knock out 6x200 on 3:00 descending ever 3. I swam faster times on a faster send-off than last week. After work, I went out for an easy run. It was nice and peaceful seeing the Puget Sound. I stayed dry and finished up with 7.6 miles.