Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 days of riding

Bi33y had a mud run Saturday morning, so Josh and I headed over with the 3 dogs. We were shocked at the number of people racing. They announced 2000 runners. The race looked like it was a lot of fun. After that we headed to the donut shop for some tasty donuts. I had an chocolate covered old fashioned donut. It was awesome. The three of us headed out for a ride a little after 3pm. We rode 40 miles. The ride is always so beautiful on 17 mile drive. Josh stayed with us and pulled twice. I think he was trying to drop us the second time. He wanted us to know that he can put the smack down if necessary. The day capped off with mexican for dinner. Nothing like a blackberry cadillac margarita for a night cap.

Bi33y and I headed out just before 11am to ride with the NPS group. The ride starts with 0.5 mile easy/downhill, then basically climbs for the next 4 miles. I prefer a few more miles to warm up. Oh well. We met up with the group. The route was supposed to be fairly flat. We started out climbing and continued climbing for the next several miles. Most of the guys were tired from riding 160 miles 2 days before. There were a few attacks here and there. I love figuring it out as 2 riders flash by me. We had a close call on the pathway with a few kids on BMX bikes. They weren't paying attention and almost took out the group. After riding 40 miles we refueled and headed to the pool. I swam an easy 2300 meters. We quickly changed and headed over to the IMAX to watch Avatar. It was better on IMAX than Digital 3D. We then went out to dinner for Thai. It was delicious. They had a picture of Clint Eastwood in the restaurant. We were hoping to see him, no such luck.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I squeezed a few workouts before I left for Monterey. On Tuesday, I swam 3000m easy, biked just under 2 hours, and ran 30 minutes. It was the best run off the bike so far this year.

I expected to see Ted and Mark Wednesday morning at the pool. I had already modified the workout, so we could all swim together. I decided to keep it 25back/25free for the main set. I felt good and finished off the set with some fast 100s. I had a choice to run at 1030 or 4pm. I picked 1030, so I could have the rest of the day to pack and relax. I should have ran at 4. My left leg was not happy with me.

It was a good drive to Monterey. We shipped out at 5am. The weather was constantly changing. There was lots of rain and clouds, a little sun, and snow for a brief second. I stopped every few hours to let the dogs out. In Medford, I was almost hit by an old lady driving on the wrong side of the road. We landed at Casa de Thiel just after 7pm. I quickly drove over to Forge in the Forest to meet up with Elizabeth, Jake, Hillary and the dogs. It was cool because the dogs were allowed inside. They even had a menu for dogs. Fina and Kona each got a hamburger.

This morning we ate a big breakfast. I ordered bananagerm pancakes. They were good. I should've ordered one. I took the other one back for second breakfast. Bi33y and I headed out for a swim at 1230. I had another strong swim. I was able to get in 3500 meters. The main set alternated fast swimming with increased distance and 2x50 cruise between each set.

Tonight we are going out for some wine tasting then watch the Blue Devils put a spanking on the boiled over makers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Never underestimate anyone...

You would think I should know this after watching Crowieto come off the couch and rocket thru triathlons. I have a staff member (I call him Lance Jr.), who has been talking about how fast he is and blah blah blah. I figured he was all talk and no walk. I told him to ride with the group on Saturday. If he didn't show up, then he couldn't say a word about how fast he is.

The weather was supposed to be nice. I started a little early to get a few extra miles in before meeting up with the group. The temp was in the mid to upper 30s. The hard part on a day like this is wearing enough to stay warm, but not overheating as the it warms up. I decided to ditch my pants and vest at 0900. It was definitely the right move. It felt like the temperature jumped 10 degrees in the next hour. The pace was strong all day. Lance Jr. pulled several times. We were getting close to the sprint line and I was ready to take it. Lance Jr. decides to pull off hard to the left. My wheel was overlapping to the left and I had someone doing the same behind me, so I had to go with him. I recovered and came around to put the hammer down. I saw Lance Jr's shadow. I kept picking up the pace until the shadow was gone. The rest of the ride was fairly normal. Five of us stopped at the Texaco. I went to the bathroom and came out. The only person left was Lance Jr. I decided to make them pay once I caught them. Lance Jr. and I start out easy. We start the climb the hill after the gas station. He is pushing the pace and pulling away. I gave him a bike length and said enough. I caught up and we rode for few more miles. We caught up to the 3 other riders. I heard Lance Jr. breathing hard. I put the hammer down. As I turned onto Spurgeon Creek Road I glanced over my shoulder to see how close everyone was. I had at least a half mile gap. I decided to increase the pace and wait for them at the next stop. Lance Jr's only comment was, "You got me at the right time." The last part of the ride was uneventful. One of the regulars starting pushing the past as we neared the last climb. I sat on his wheel until we got to the base. I looked back and saw a big gap. I knew Lance Jr. was cooked. I cruised up the hill and waited, so he wouldn't get lost. It was the longest ride of the year for me, a little shy of 65 miles.

I quickly changed clothes and grabbed the dogs for a brick run. I felt horrible. I need to do a better job of nutrition on the bike. I decided to suck it up for the dogs since they were cooped up for 4 hours. Their tongues were hanging out and they were smiling. I cleaned up and ate. I washed the bike then headed up to Seattle to fix a few bike issues. The mechanic fixed my issues in 5 mins. I hate driving 50 minutes one way for simple fixes. UGH!!!

I got up early Sunday morning and took the dogs for a long run. We ended up with a little over 13 miles. The weather was everything (rain, wind, sun, wind, rain, clouds, etc...). The rest of the day was low key.

I had a another strong swim this morning. It was a distance set with 30 seconds rest. I maintained my pace for the entire 3000. I didn't think I would be able to since I rode hard on Saturday and ran long Sunday. I guess I am in pretty good shape.

I live for Monterey in a couple days. Can Indy keep up with Kona??? It will be the first of many short vacations for the year.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The never ending cough

It seems like this cough is slowly fading away. I am amazed at my current fitness level. I had several good workouts this week.

I swam an easy 2000 meters Tuesday morning. I rode my trainer for an hour in the afternoon. I did several one leg drills. I capped off the day with a quick 30 minute run to keep the dogs happy.

I had a strong swim Wednesday morning. It was a nice open water workout. Richard and I were doing different workouts when a girl decided she wanted to swim with us. Instead of waiting for me to stop, she put a kickboard as I was flip turning. Did I stop? If you know me the answer is... I stopped on the next 50. The girl was a decent swimmer. I think she though she was a superstar or somethin. After her short warmup, she realized the only way she would swim faster than me was to put the fins on. I laughed. My main set consisted of 2x(4x100 on 1:15) with some ez swimming between then finishing with 2x100 on 1:10. Superstar started 20 yards ahead of me. I almost caught her at the end.

I finally found someone, who is a faster runner and willing to run with me. This person doesn't make up graphs and extrapolations telling me how they are faster. He is faster as evidenced on the track and his past results. We warmed up 2 miles and went into 5x800 with an easy 400 in between. I had not been on the track since November. This was my first speed workout in awhile, so I had no idea on my pacing. I told myself to run around 3:00. The first one felt hard. It was right at 3:00. After that we continued to get faster. We alternated the lead each 800. Our times were 3:00, 2:55 (1:25-1:30), 2:55 (1:24-1:31), 2:50 (1:24-26), #5 was my PR by at least 12 seconds. The crazy part was we negative split it by 4 seconds. I was just hoping to even split it.

Yesterday I rode outside with Scott. It was windy and colder than I thought. I almost turned around to get arm warmers. We started at Forza and rode out to Gravelly Lake. It was mostly a head wind the entire way out. On the way back we hit Solo Point for a few hill repeats then back to Forza. A solid 30 mile ride.

This morning I swam with Jared and Karen. I was really happy with my swim. The main set was 5x(3x100) on a short rest send off. The goal was to maintain speed all the way through as the rest decreased. Our last set was on 1:10, 1:20, 1:10. I held pace for the entire set.

I haven't decided if I want to run today or save it for tomorrow off the bike. I am looking forward to a long ride tomorrow and a run Sunday.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Under the weather

I have been feeling under the weather for a couple days. No workouts on Thursday. I swam Friday. I felt good for almost half of the workout. I cut the workout down. I knew I didn't have it, so no reason to prolong recovery.

I wasn't sure if I was going to ride outside today. The sun was out, so I gave it a try. It was very windy. It is nice having a powermeter to verify that I wasn't 100%. The group rode past the bridge and up the other side. I realized that I left my sunglasses on the bridge :-( I turned around and grabbed them quickly. I guess the group decided to ride back down and get in an extra hill climb. That was so sweet of them, total team players. The best part of the ride was when Crowieto came by me at the bottom of the last climb like I was pedalling backwards. I wanted to go after him. I let him go. I have been trying to work on listening to the body. I know it will make me a stronger triathlete. The weather held for the ride.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A few days of good weather

It is nice to get a few days of good weather this time of year. I rode outside on Thursday. A nice loop out to Lakewood and then solo point hill and back. I took the the dogs out for a quick 4 miles.

Another strong swim on Friday. I was able to finish the end of a hard workout fast with little rest.

The ride started very cold on Saturday. I was the only one tough enough to ride in shorts, arm warmers, and a vest. I can't believe Croweito didn't have it on the sprint line. Richard and I split him with about 300 meters to go. I pushed a little to make sure no unexpected surprises. I looked back and no one within 10 meters. It warmed up fairly quickly. I took the arm warmers and vest off at the Texaco. A few people thought I was crazy. Maybe a little.

Crowieto and I went and watched Shutter Island. I figured the movie out in 20 minutes. I thought it was okay. I would wait for DVD.

I ran early Sunday morning. I took the girls dogs the trails and finished with 11 miles. My legs felt a little tired. I have a nice route with lots of rolling hills and 2 steep ones.

I jumped in the pool Monday feeling tired from all the treading at inservice on Sunday. I warmed up 1000 then swam a 1000 with no clue on speed. I was surprised when I looked at my split for the 500 and saw 7:00 (1:24 per 100meters) 7:04 for 2nd 500. I didn't want to kill myself because there was still 2x500 and 3x250 to finish. It took me the next 1000 to recover. I finished up with a strong 250 at the end of the workout.

I swam nice and easy yesterday morning. I felt good. I took the dogs out for a run, a little over an hour. They were happy the rest of the day. The weather held for the run. I was hoping no bath for the dogs. Kona had another idea as she splashed into the puddles and mud.

This morning I had a good swim, lots of short descending sets. I almost got into a fight. I started the next set a little fast because of the adrenaline rush. I am hoping to get out for a ride later. If the weather is crap, I will be on the trainer watching a DVD.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swimmin Strong

Monday morning I swam 3800. I was surprised because I felt slow at the beginning of warm up. I felt good for the first half of the main set. After that I felt horrible. I regrouped and pulled it together for a strong 400 for time. I couldn't believe I negative split the swim. I also babysat for an hour. Aryana is so cute!!!

I swam 3000 Tuesday morning. I felt really good. I had to remind myself that it was supposed to be an ez swim. I met up with Scott to ride at 2pm. The weather looked like it was going to hold. NOT AT ALL!!! I was wearing a short sleeve shirt, shorts, thin socks, and thin gloves. It started to pour on us 10 minutes into the ride. UGH!!! We ended up riding 30 miles. I took a hot shower. I could not stop shaking, I was so cold. The funny thing is I thought about taking arm warmers and my rain gloves. Just my luck =(

Another strong swim this morning. The main set was 9x(100 ez on 2:00 + 200 fast on 3:10). The goal was to descend the 200s. I did it all alternating back and free. I am still amazed at how fast I continue to swim.

The weather held after work. It was sunny and 55ish. I took the dogs for a 6 mile run. I thought I would get lucky and not have to give them a bath. Kona was up to no good. Every time she saw a puddle, she stopped in the middle, looked at me then took off running. She really knows how to push my buttons.