Thursday, March 31, 2011

22.7k of swimming

Actually 6.7k of swimming and a wet, wet run on the track.

I swam an easy 1.5k Sunday and 2k on Monday.

Tuesday - I ran easy for 30 minutes before work. After work I had a tough bike workout. I had a few issues with my powermeter. The numbers were reading low. I got off several times to recalibrate. I felt the numbers were 20 watts low during the warm-up. I got off again and re-calibrated. The numbers seemed to be correct for the main set of 4x(6 min 110% + 2' cruise). I was on target for the first 3. Number 4 started well then went super high (400-500 watts). I stayed focused and finished off the last repeat. This is one of the reasons I do not look at electronics during a race. During training, I try to lock in to perceived effort and target watts.

Wednesday - I swam 3.2k. My legs were a little tired from the previous bike workout. They were also cramping during the workout, so I need to better job of hydrating. The main set was very fast 50s on short rest. I was a little slower than last week.

I was on the track in unrelenting rain. The track might as well have been a swimming pool with all the puddles. Lots of 400s. I ended up with 16k on the track. Have you ever tried to run fast 400s with the insole jamming into your arch? I started having issues with my insole moving around on the faster repeats. I had to stop on the recovery jogs and flatten the insole.  I guess the increased velocity burns the glue attaching the insole to the shoe. At least that's my theory.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Classic Duathlon

I added a duathlon into my race schedule. I met up with Lisa, Ross, and Karen at Forza a little before 6 AM. The roads were dry. Thirty minutes later it was pouring. It was going to be a wet race. Luckily I brought clothes for rain or shine. I ate a couple of HONEY STINGER WAFFLES st 7AM. We pulled into the race site at 7:45AM.

We picked up our packets and set up our gear. That left 45 minutes to relax before the warm-up. I put on the OOMPH  racesuit and jumped on the bike to loosen up the legs. I rode 8 minutes to the right and turned around. It took 5 minutes to get back. The roads were wet and it was sprinkling very lightly. I re-racked the bike and then set out for a short run. That left 5 minutes before the gun.

10:00AM - The gun sounded and we were off. We started on a small hill and turned left into a tailwind. There were several guys ahead of me and a couple of girls. My goal was to keep a steady pace. I could not believe how many people started out too fast. I passed 5-10 people by the first mile mark. After the turn-around we were straight into a head wind. I caught 2 more people. One guy decided to tuck in behind me for a draft. I spit off to the right. He yelled, "Spit to the ground!" Oops, I must have hit him. I took a right and headed downhill to transition. (5:45-5:58, 6:18=18:45 6:01 avg for 3.12miles). I was in 25th place.

I slipped off the NEWTONS. I put on my SPIUK KRONOS and headed out with my green steed, LYNSKEY. I passed 3 people in transition. I had the second fastest transition, 45 seconds.

I turned right, dead smack into a head wind. In the first 2 miles, I passed a few guys before the first turn-around. It was tail wind city for the next 8 miles. I caught up to a guy who tried to draft off a referee on a motorcycle. Really? I needed to pass him, but couldn't. He was riding right next to the center line. Is it worse to pass someone over the centerline or on the right? I chose the lesser of 2 evils and passed on the right. I dared him to try and draft off of me. He didn't. There were 5-6 miles were on rough road. At the last turn-around it was back into a headwind until transition. I passed 1 more guy during this section. I averaged 22.3 mph and 14th fastest bike.

I re-racked the LYNSKEY, took off the SPIUK, and put on my NEWTONS. I had the second fastest transition again, 42 seconds. I was in 15th place.

This time we ran to the right, into the headwind. I saw a group of 5 guys ahead of me. My calves were cramping up, so I backed off a little to make sure there would be no problems later. After a few minutes the cramps were gone. The group of guys slowly started pulling away. After the turn-around, it was tailwind city until the finish. I saw a guy just ahead of me and another charging behind me. I picked up the pace to catch the guy in front. The gap was shrinking, but not enough. He ended up beating me for first in my age group. I held off the guy behind me. He ran 40 seconds faster than me. (6:20, 6:04, 6:01 =18:29 6:08 avg for 3.02 miles) It was the 18th fastest 2nd run. I placed 2nd in my age group and 13th overall.

Mar 21-25

Monday - Easy 2k swim. I did not feel as good as Sunday.

Tuesday - Easy 2.3 mile run in the morning. A tough 1.25 hour trainer session in the afternoon. I spent a lot of time in zone 4.

Wednesday - A tough 3.1k swim in the morning. The main set was 3x (4x50 on 40). I thought the set would be a little harder for adding one 50. It was a lot harder. That fourth 50 creeps up hard. No matter how good you feel on number 3. After work I went to the track for a few fast repeats.

Thursday - A one hour bike session. I felt good. A quick transition and head out. My legs felt strong.

Friday - Easy 1k swim in less than 16 minutes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mar 16-20

Wednesday - Cold fading. I swam 3k. I swam the 50s faster than expected. The main set was several rounds of 3x50s on 40. I was out of gas and barely made the last set. In the late afternoon I headed to the track for a couple 200s and several 400s. It was raining (I now nothing new in Washington). I felt really good. On the last few, I focused on good form and my times dropped.

Thursday - A bike session in the late afternoon. I almost called it after 2 repeats. I felt like crap and still wasn't 100%. I somehow managed to complete the workout.

Friday - I swam 3.6k. I felt fatigued from the bike workout. I think some workouts are about testing your fortitude. During the 50s, I was averaging 1-2 seconds slower than normal. When I got to the 100s I gave myself an out. I said I could make the send-off 5 seconds slower. The set was 15x100 on 1:35 descend every 3. After 2 rounds of descending, I decided to suck it up and keep the send-off at 1:35. My times were faster and I stayed tough. After work I took the dogs out for an easy, cold, wet run. Will there be a reprieve?

Saturday - It was 32 degrees at 8AM. Too cold for me :-) I jumped on the trainer for some work. I am getting better at nailing my pacing down for the longer duration. I quickly transitioned and headed out for a run off the bike. I went straight into 6:14 per/mile pace. I felt strong. 2 hours of solid work today. I was supposed to go to Timberline High School in the evening, but too much training reactivated my cold. A couple of my former swimmers were inducted into the hall of fame.

Sunday - I was feeling better, so I headed out for a run. It wasn't raining, so I had a little more pep in my step. It was very windy. Wind is more fun than rain. I ended up with 11 miles in 75 minutes. It is much harder to do pace work with head/tail winds. After some energy replacement, I jumped in the pool for an easy 2.9k.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caught a cold

A couple of my athletes were sick last week. I think they wanted to share the experience. Somehow through text and email, they have given me a cold. GRRR!!! No workouts Monday and Tuesday. I hope to be back the grind tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mar 7-13

Monday - A little tired from the weekend training. I swam 3.5k in under 59 minutes. Main set was lots of 50s & 100s descending on short rest.

Tuesday - Sick with a fever. No workouts.

Wednesday - Still tired from the weekend training. I swam 3.4k. The main set was very fast 50s on less than 5 seconds rest. I did not swim as well as last week. After work, I went to the track for a nice wet workout. I felt like it was a double swim session today. I ended up 7.2 miles in 49.5 minutes. It was hard pacing because of the swirling wind.

Thursday - Tough bike workout. I wasn't sure if I was going to get through the entire set. My legs were burning after a few repeats. It became a mental game and I won today.

Friday - I felt tired as soon as I jumped in the pool. I was sure it was going to be a slower than normal workout. I actually swam faster than last week. Sometimes you feel slow and are actually going fast. After work I took the dogs out for a short easy run. It was nice to feel some sunshine outside.

Saturday - Jumped on the trainer at 6:30AM. Another tough trainer session. I barely made the last set. I had to dig deep. My legs are tired. Every time I walk up and down the stairs I get a nice reminder.

Sunday - I ran just under 11 miles. I had several mile repeats. The GPS was a little out of whack on #2. I was either running 5:20 or 7:40 pace. After second breakfast (Belgian waffles with blueberries), I headed to the pool for an easy 2.5k. I felt much better than last week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feb 28 - Mar 6

Monday - What a crazy day of weather. It snowed hard off and on most of the morning. I felt strong in the pool for 3.5k. The main set was 24x50 on 50 descend every 3 and then 6x100 on 1:40 descend every 3.

Tuesday - I ran early before heading to work. It was an easy 30 min run. I left work early to rest. I somehow managed to rack myself while making a save. I have never had a dull pain that area for several hours. It didn't bother me while warming up for my bike workout. The workout was hard muscularly, but not too bad aerobically.

Wednesday - Another strong swim in the pool for 3.4k. The main set was 4x (3x50 on 40 + 50 on 55 + 200 cruise on 4. I averaged 35s. After work I took the dogs out for a short 30 minute run. It was super windy with a little sun.

Thursday - The bike focus was working on VO2 (High Intensity). Lots of fun.

Friday - 3.2k of swimming. A few fast fast 100s in the mix.

Saturday - The bike session was hard. My legs did not want to cooperate with me. I made 2 of 5.

Sunday - It was a busy morning. At 5:45AM, I ate a Honey Stinger Waffle and headed out for a 70 minute run. After 10 miles, I quickly ate a bowl of cereal and headed to the pool. My legs were tired. Luckily the workout was an easy 2.5k. I finished both workouts before 9AM.