Monday, January 30, 2012

water gun

I did not sleep well Wednesday night. It seemed like there was someone standing outside my window with a water gun. UGH!!! After work and a short nap, I got on the trainer for several anaerobic repeats. I felt pretty good. I lost the fan on the last one. The puppy knocked it down and I did not want to stop the workout, so I suffered in sweat.

I had a good workout on the bike Thursday. Lots of short anaerobic intervals with short rest. I lost the fan on the the last one because the puppy knocked the chair down.

Friday morning I felt good in the pool. My pulling speed is slowly starting to come back. I with 3.6k. After work I took the dogs for a short easy run. It was sunny and chilly. I dropped the dogs off and finished up with 15 minutes of plyo. I had to use the rails on the stairs to get back inside.

I swam 2000 meters Saturday morning. It was a short workout with a little intensity sprinkled in. Once I got home, I jumped on the trainer for almost 2 hours. The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

The rain rolled in the wee hours of Sunday morning. My legs were sore from Friday's plyo. I ran early, so I could make it to work on time. I had a few intervals at 10k pace. I finished with almost 11 miles. After work, I swam an easy 2k.

It was a good week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

snow is almost gone

Monday I jumped in the pool for 3k of swimming. I didn't feel great, but somehow managed to swim faster as the workout progressed. After a work and a short nap, I took the dogs out for an easy 3+ mile run. The roads were mostly dry as most of the snow has melted.

After work Tuesday I took the dogs out for a short 35 minute run. I hoped to stay dry. I ended up getting soaked in the last few minutes. I chilled for a couple hours then hopped on the bike for a 45 minute ride. I did several 1 minute repeats with short rest. My legs were numb at the end.

I swam 3600 meters Wednesday morning. The main set was 3x (4x100 on 1:30 + 100 easy on 2:05). I felt fine cardio-wise. My legs were quite the opposite, heavy like lead weights. I finished up with some pulling and a cool down. After work I took the dogs out for some speed training. Kona did all of the intervals with me. Indy did most of the intervals. Fina may have only done half. She knows where my turn-around points are so she just waits in the distance. No reason to run any further than necessary. Smart dog. I totally lucked out with the weather, partly sunny.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow week

Se got several inches of snow last week. My dogs love the snow.

Monday was a holiday in celebration of MLK. I swam 3100 meters. The main set was 5x400 pull on 6:00.

Tuesday I was feeling under the weather so not much of anything.

Wednesday the snow dumped. No work or training. I did take the dogs for a 4.5+ mile hike through Dupont. They had a blast. We did several snow sprints. My toes were not happy with me for the next several days. I guess hiking boots aren't designed for sprints.

Thursday the freezing rain came. This made things slippery and caused all kinds of havoc on trees, power, etc... Smaller trees and bushes were touching the ground from the 1-2" of ice on the branches.I lost cable, but had power. I rode the trainer for 40 minutes. I did several very hard 30" effort. It doesn't matter how much rest you get, these hurt.

Friday I went to the movies to watch Haywire. This had the least amount of talking I have ever heard in an action movie. No training and the 10k was canceled for tomorrow.

Saturday was a big day of training. After breakfast I swam an easy 2000 meters at the pool. I jumped on the bike for a 2 hour ride with a few intervals of Olympic/70.3 efforts. I ate lunch and chilled for a couple hours then went out for an easy run. The side roads were crappy. I had to stick to the main road and do a couple of loops.

Yesterday I went to the pool in the morning and swam 2800 meters. The main set was 2 rounds of 4x200 descending. The second set was pull and I held the same pacing for both sets. I headed out for a long run just before noon. I did a few 5 minute intervals at tempo pace. I had to cut the second one short because a dog came up to us. He broke his leash and wanted to say hi to Kona. Unfortunately ever since Fina was bitten, Kona has no desire to be around unfamiliar dogs. I added another minute to the third interval. The rest of the day was good.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vizsla fartleks, 72 pull-ups, and snow

I did not feel great in the pool Wednesday morning. I think it was due to poor sleep. The main set was two sets of 5x100s on short rest. I did the first set on 1:30 averaging 1:20.6. The second set was on 1:35 averaging 1:28.8. My arms were useless. I finished with 3.5k.

After work I took the dogs out for a sunny, but chilly run. Fifteen minutes in we started 30 seconds on/off. This was very entertaining. The dogs did want me to beat them. Fina kept looking back at me, "Does this human think he has a chance?" The other dogs laughed. The best part was once I slowed to a jog, so did the dogs. They figured out the workout very quickly. The dogs were wasted after the workout. Once home, they went straight to sleep. I relaxed for 2 hours and then did 45 minutes of p90x, Cardio.

ThursdayI got on the trainer after work and took another stab at the workout from last a week ago. My legs were totalled after the last one. It was hard to stand up. Does this mean I worked hard?

Friday morning I felt okay in the pool. The main set was 12x100 on 1:35 descending every 3 and 3x400 pull 10". I finished with 3.6k in under 58 minutes. After work I took the dogs out for a short easy run, 3.8 miles. Once my brother got home we started p90x. The focus was legs and back. I finished with 72 pull ups and almost sprained my ankle during plyometrics.

Saturday morning I went to the pool for an easy 2000 meters. It took half of the workout for my upper body to loosen up from the pull-ups. After a long 2.5 hour nap, I jumped on the trainer for 105 minutes. I caught up on shows.

I woke up this morning to snow. I took the dogs out for a long run. They had a blast. Kona was out of control.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

made 10 but fell short

Yesterday morning, I swam 2700 meters. The main set was 4x400 pull on 6:05. I felt a little tight from the p90x on Friday. After work I took the dogs for a short run to get them out of the house. I finished up on the track with a fast 100 and 2x200 very fast. I felt strong.

I did not sleep well last night, so I stayed in bed a little longer this morning. I have felt tired all day. After work I took the dogs out for an easy 30 minute run. The sun came out and felt awesome. I chilled for a couple hours before getting on the trainer. Same workout as last week. My goal was to make all 10 this time. I did all 10, but fell a little short of the power goal. Next week I will make them all.

Monday, January 9, 2012

First week of 2012

Monday was the last day of vacation. I ran easy for 25 minutes and did p90x (back and arms). I finished the workout with 42 pull-ups. I also learned a new way to do it, corn row pull  up. You pull yourself up shift your body to the right, left, center, backward, forward, then down. Yea that's only one pull-up.

First day back to work for 2012 was Tuesday. I squeezed 3.2k in the morning. Some fast 25s and descending 400s pull. My lats were sore. They must have grown because I ended up chafing underneath my armpits. Nothing Bodyglide can't fix. After work I jumped on the trainer for a short intense ride with several 1 minute efforts @ greater than VO2 with 30 seconds rest between. My legs were not ready for the shock. I made 5 then spun easy for 5 minutes. I made one more attempt to squeeze in a few more. I finished with only 7. Next time I will get in 10 or more.

I was back at the pool for another 3200 meters of swimming Wednesday. My lats were more sore than Tuesday. The main set was 10x100 on 1:30. Eight was all I had in me. I averaged 1:24s. I will get my speed back in a few weeks. After work, I went to pick up Linkin. I walk into the house and smell poop. He pooped all over his kennel. UGH!!!. I got him cleaned up only to have him poop again in another kennel. After his second bath he slept for almost 2 hours. I wanted to run sooner, but did not want to take the chance of him exploding into another kennel. I went out for a short 35 minute run. I felt good going out until I turned around. It was a nice headwind. I didn't even realize I was running with a tailwind. I threw in several fartlek efforts 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. I quickly dried the dogs and myself off. My brother was waiting to start p90x. I picked Yoga. I was getting very hungry, so we stopped after 35 minutes. My brother admitted he has a new respect for Yoga.

Thursday, I got on the trainer for another short intense workout. After a short warm-up and two all out 10 second efforts I was into several rounds of 30 seconds very hard + 30 seconds very easy. These things destroy the legs quickly. My goal was to make 10. I missed 2 of them. Next time I will get in 14 or more.

I felt much better in the pool Friday morning. My lats had finally recovered. The main set was 9x100 on 1:35 descend every 3 (1:27-24-20, 1:27-23-19.5, 1:26-23-20). My average speed was better than Wednesday's workout. I finished up with 3.2k. After work, I went out for a short 25 minute easy run. The dogs were excited to get outside. I put in the DVD for p90x (chest, shoulders, triceps, abs). I like the challenge of the workout. I also added 2 plyometric exercises for the legs.

The original forecast for the weekend was partly cloudy. I woke up Saturday morning to wet roads. I got on the trainer for 2 hours of mostly easy riding. I had a few rounds of 5 minutes at Olympic effort with 5 minutes cruise. Sunday was the opposite of Saturday, all sun and no clouds. I had to work, so ran early in the cold for 75 minutes.

It was a good start to the new year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It has been nice to do and eat whatever the last several days. 2011 is in the rear and I am looking forward to an awesome 2012!!!