Monday, May 31, 2010

First open water swim of the year

The water was very cold this morning. It reminded me of the year I swam at Lake Coeur D'Alene and it was 59. My face felt numb. I couldn't feel my feet or hands. It took me a full 1500 meters to warm up. I felt good after that. The weather was super crappy, so I went home and jumped on the trainer for 2 hours. I did some pace work for the race this weekend. My legs felt tired because I usually do this type of workout on Tuesdays.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

No sun today :-(

Another typical day in Washington. The forecast was partly sunny. It actually sprinkled all day. My workout for the day was a 12 mile run with mile repeats and short rest. The focus of the workout was to dial in the pace I want to run off the bike next weekend. I felt awesome. I had to keep an eye on my watch because I was running too fast.

Chillin with all 4 dogs has been a blast. Only one night left. The dogs are tired from all the playing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last weekend of May

Wednesday morning I swam 4.3k. I swam better than expected after the workouts from Tuesday. The main set was 2x (6x125 odds moderate/evens build 10-15 rest + 100p on 1:45 + 150 fast on 2:15 + 100p on 1:45 + 150 faster on 2:15 + 100p on 1:45). I didn't run in the afternoon because my shin has been bothering me since all of the jumping at PT.

Thursday, I had a tough ride on the trainer. It was a set designed for you to go to failure. I guessed I could complete 6-12 repeats. The first few felt great. My legs started to get tighter because of the lactic acid was building. I was going to stop at 8, but decided to try one more. Number 9 was it. No more left in the gas tank.

Yesterday, I swam 4k. The main set was 3x (4x100 k/s + 8x50 very fast on 45/55/65). The goal of the 50s was to start fast and hold your pace. Each set the average speed is supposed to get faster because you are getting more rest. I swam much better that expected. On the first set I averaged 33.5s. Second set average 30.7. I picked it up and stayed strong for 6. The last 2, I started to tighten up. On the final set I averaged 30.0. I swam faster for the first 4. I slowed a little for the next 2 then slowed a little more on the last two. All in all it was a strong set.

I decided to do my workout on the trainer today. The weather looked crappy and I was dog sitting. I figured the dogs would be a little happier if they weren't locked up for most of the day. It was a tough workout, 4 hours of solid work.

Two funny things happened today. The first was when I let the dogs out for a bathroom break. The dogs were all doing their thing. All of a sudden Kona darts to the road and catches a bird. I was trying to catch her, so she wouldn't kill the bird. I finally managed to get her back in the house. During my last 45 minutes at tempo effort, I look over and see Kona sitting on Cole. Nothing like trying to focus on power and breathing when you are laughing. She did it twice. Cole just looked at her like she was crazy. Good times.

Here are the girls after another hard days work:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another 3 sport training day

I was surprised at how sore my upper body was this morning. I swam an easy 3.5k of mostly pulling and IM.

I took a long lunch because I had to go back to work for a couple hours in the afternoon. Once home, I slept for 10 minutes then jumped on the trainer for some thresh hold work. After 100 minutes, I grabbed Kona and went out for a short run of 5 miles. My legs were feeling tired from the bike and all of the explosive work at PT yesterday. I wanted to take Fina, but she was limping around the house. I decided no running for Fina all week.

My body is ready for a good nite's rest!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yep the legs are tired

My body was a little tired from the tough workout yesterday. I managed 4.4k of swimming this morning. It felt ok. I tried to pick up the pace a couple of times. The effort it took exponentially outweighed the return. I decided to chalk it up as an easy aerobic workout.

In the afternoon, I had physical therapy. It was a smoker. Lots of anaerobic exercises.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just finished the longest run off the bike...

My left knee was being a little weird, so I took Saturday off. It felt 100% this morning. I decided to move my workout from yesterday to today. I shrunk it down a little to be on the safe side.

I rode 3 hours on the trainer. It was a very tough workout. After warm-up, I have several hard 1 minute efforts with 1 minute cruise between. The rest of the workout was pacing for the half with efforts a little faster than race pace. I finished up with 45 minutes at race pace. I spun easy for 14 minutes then headed out for my brick. I knew the bike ride zapped me. Instead of doing interval work, I just ran at moderate effort. I almost got in 14 miles.

My legs are a little tired.

Week 4 totals: 15.5K swimming, 136miles cycling, 34.7miles running

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying to swim fast

My left quad was super tight this morning. I wasn't sure if I could complete the main set of 20x100 on 2:00, odds easy and evens fast. Surprisingly, my leg was fine once I started. I swam fast and consistent on the entire set. I finished up with 4k.

Not much going on for the remainder of the day.

Here are the girls waking up from their nap.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My luck finally ran out...

I jumped on the trainer for a challenging workout. There were a few short hard bursts of power. After 1 hour and 40 minutes, I headed out for an easy 4mile run. There was no rain and a little bit of sun. I had 10 minutes left and must have been in la la land when I tripped. I did not lift my leg high enough to clear the log. I flew into the air and rolled onto my back. I decided to lay there for awhile and look into the sky. The dogs just kind of stared at me. I started to see drops of rain. I started running and it poured for the next 10 minutes. As I walked back to the house, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I can tell my legs are tired every time I walk up and down the stairs to let the dogs out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It rained most of the day...

The morning started with a 4k swim. The main set consisted of 200s, 150s and 100s on short rest every other one fast. I felt better than expected, but not as good as I would have liked.

It rained most of the day. It was still raining on my drive to the track at 4pm. Once I started my workout, the rain stopped. No complaints from me. I felt very good on the track. I had to hold back because I did not want to aggravate my injury. After a 2 mile warm-up, the main set was 3x(1200 at 10K effort + 400 cruise + 800 at 5K effort + 400 cruise + 400 at mile effort + 400 cruise) and finish with 1.25 mile cool down. I descended every round. I hate having to hold back, but know it is more important to train smart than be injured. I finished the 10 mile workout in less than 69 minutes. Not too shabby.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is the sun coming or going?

I can't figure out the weather. It was raining on and off most of the day. At one point it was raining so hard, I couldn't see as I was driving home. I take a nap. Get on the trainer and the roads are dry. Only in Washington.

My morning started with an easy 3.4k of swimming. Mostly IM and backstroke.

I jumped on my trainer for 90 minutes. I wanted to see better power numbers, but what do you do when your intestines are exploding all day. The run off the bike felt good, just shy of 7 miles.

Here is a picture of Kona the crazy dog while I was on the trainer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The sun is fading :-(

I met up with Crowieto for some steak last night. I haven't had any beef in a few weeks. It was good stuff.

This morning I swam 4.5k in the pool. The main set was 6x500 on 7:30 descend 1-3 & 4-6. I haven't felt this good on a Monday morning in several weeks. My legs cramped a little on the last two. I need to drink more fluids on the warmer days.

The rest of the day will be nice and relaxing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where did the sun go?

I fell asleep a little after nine last night. I woke up this morning around 6am. I opted to get my run out of the way, so the rest of the day would be open.

Last day of my recovery week. I ran with the dogs for 90 minutes. It was a nice easy run. I ran to the bottom of Solo Point Hill then back up. I cannot recall another time when the uphill felt so easy. An positive indicator of my fitness now. Kona was definitely tired by the end. She ran right next to me. Most of the time she is sprinting all over the place. I finished with a little over 12 miles. I gave the dogs baths then headed to Costco for a few items.

Week 3 totals: 11.6k swimming, 124+miles cycling, 29+miles running.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day III - sunny and 70 gotta love it.

My morning started early. I decided to run before and after the ride. I didn't want to run for an hour off the bike, so I split it up.

I grabbed the dogs at 7:20. We ran out to the Fed Ex building and back for an ez 4miles. I switched shirts and headed out on the bike. I started with a 15 minute cruise toward Gravelly Lake. After the warm up, I had two 20 minute efforts at half ironman pace. I rode back by Forza to finish up the second effort. After riding by the second gate, I had 10x2 minute hard efforts with equal recovery. I missed one at my goal power zone because it was mostly downhill with a tailwind. After the hill passed the river, I cruised for 45 minutes. Stopped at Texaco to refuel and finish up the cruise. One more 45 minute effort at Half Ironman to Olympic pace. I timed the workout just right. I finished up just short of 78 miles.

I grabbed the dogs for round 2 of the run. This time the dogs were a little tired from the other run. Fina and Kona were both dragging. I finished up with another 4 miles.

I was tired after the workout. I ate, cleaned the bike, and met up with Christopher for a swim workout.

Tired Vizslas after lots of running :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 - Sunny and 70, gotta love it

I swam at the Lakewood Y, so I could help Lisa with her stroke. She is having shoulder issues. I noticed a few things to fix. The first was the cross over. I gave her a few tips and drills to make the corrections.

I had a strong swim. Marky V gave me this set last year. The main set was 50x50 odds cruise on 50 and evens fast on 35. It is a tough set, not for the feint of heart. The biggest change from last year was needing less rest to recover. Last year, I swam the ez 50s on 55. I can't wait to test out the stroke in open water.

Thanks to XTERRA WETSUITS for sending me a couple of shirts.

I ran at Fort Lewis this morning. I took the dogs for half of the run. I finished up the rest solo and added a few drills. A little over 9 miles at 7:21 pace. Not bad for a moderate effort run.

I have PT in a couple of hours. After that, who knows.

Gotta love this weather!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny and 70, gotta love it

I had two solid weeks of training, so I decided to take a couple days off. I swam an easy 3k this morning. The workout was IM and pulling.

I got out for a 46+ mile ride in the warm and sunny weather. It was a nice easy ride. This is why people never leave San Diego.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 2 * 3 broken toe

I didn't know it was going to rain. My toe is still doing well.

I swam 4k this morning. I felt okay during warm up. It went downhill during the main set. The main set alternated between 200s and 400s.

I always enjoy PT. I wonder what exercises they will have in store for me. My glute was a little more agitated than normal. We did a few strengthening exercises and finished up with icing.

Chillaxin the rest of the day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 1 + 4 broken toe

I woke up at 4:55 this morning. I decided to get a few more minutes of sleep. I got up and ate breakfast. Kona was out of control this morning. At one point she was sitting on Fina and me. Another day of sun :-)

I put the leashes on the crack nuggets and headed out the door at 8am for an 1:45 run. I warmed up for 4 miles. Have you ever tried to warm up gradually when being pulled by 2 sled dogs? I got my revenge later. After the warm up I had 2x(3miles @z3 + 1mile @z2). I felt good for the first one. I kept Kona on leash because she doesn't listen too well. Kona was dragging on the last mile of z3. Nothing like having to encourage your dog to run faster to complete the distance. :-( I cruised home and dropped the dogs off. I knew they would not survive another 3 miles. I was 20 seconds per mile faster on the second repeat. I was surprised to be that fast. I thought it was about 10 seconds per mile. The most surprising part was that I ran so well. I figured the workout yesterday had zapped me for the weekend. Cruised the rest of the run. My race fitness is coming along. The toe is healing. The black and blue color is fading. :-)

Week 2 totals: 15.5k swimming, 156miles cycling, 43.5miles of running.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day IV broken toe

What a beautiful morning! Sunny without a cloud in sight.

Crowieto and I met up at 8am to ride to Johnson Creek and back. I warmed up, then completed 5 intervals of 30' @z2 + 15' @z1. I guess Crowieto flatted at the stop sign. I didn't hear him yell for me because I was in the zone. I called and sent a text at the bridge. Nothin. I back tracked to find him. I crested the hill and saw him. We stopped at the Texaco. I thought we could catch the group starting at 9am. We both took our shares of pulling. There was a strong head wind for the last 10 miles. We managed the Johnson Creek loop in 1h 10 min. Not too bad for 27 miles. Sure enough we sat down and the group showed up. They started 30 minutes late. We cruised back to Forza. Crowieto took off on the last climb out of Nisqually. I still had a one hour run off the bike, so I let him fade into the distance.

I switched gear, grabbed the dogs, and started running within 5 minutes. I did not feel good at the start, during the middle, or at the end. I was glad to be done. 5 hours of training into the bank. It was a gorgeous day and no toe pain. :-)

I think Kona's kryptonite is heat. She was dragging the last 5 minutes.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day three broken toe

The bike and running training is still affecting my swimming. I went through this last year as well. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to physically adjust. The toe feels good since I keep it taped.

I swam 4k this morning. I knew from the first stroke that the workout was going to be a struggle. My cardio is great. I still made a challenging set of 150s/100s. I was happy that I made the send offs. I thought about making the send offs easier. Instead I took 1 minute of rest between each set.

I have a follow up with the Sport Doc today then a meeting at work. The rest of the day will be relaxing.

The weather is supposed to hold, so shooting for 80-100 miles of cycling and 23+ miles of running. Can't wait :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2 broken toe

The toe is doing well. The hard part is keeping the dogs aways so they don't trample it. I must say having a powermeter makes it easier to justify riding on the trainer. You know exactly how hard you are working out. If Andy Potts can do most of his workouts on a trainer and be successful. It can be good for me too?

After work, I decided to take a nice one hour nap. I jumped on the trainer for 95 minutes. The workout had lots of short intervals. I like how quickly my body is adapting to the workload over the last week and a half.

Put on my new Newton Racer's and grabbed Kona for an easy 30 minute run. I wanted to take Fina, but she was kind of limping and her left back food was a little swollen. The weather was sunny and nice. Kona was happy to get outside. I did several drills during the run. Almost managed 4 miles even with the drills. The Newton's felt great.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day one with broken toe

It was a tough swim this morning. I think all the running & cycling I did yesterday finally caught up with me or the broken toe. Maybe both. The main set had lots of 300s. I was able to descend overall speed. I did not swim on the sendoff I planned. I finished with 4k.

The weather was changing, so I skipped the nap and went out for a run. I didnt take Fina because she was limping. I took Kona for 20 minutes. I put her in the house and let the dogs roam. The workout flew by. It was shorter/faster running today. I felt good. My toe didn't bother me at all. I ran by the house as I warmed down and heard Kona barking. I hit the door hard with my hand. Kona stopped barking. I finished up my cool down. I walked inside and it was quiet. I was shocked at the top of the stairs. Both dogs were on the couch looking at me. Do I trust them next time?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cold Winds

It's one thing to deal with winds. It's another thing to add cold to the mix. Brrr.

Yesterday, I felt better than expected in the pool. I was surprised that I could descend the 200s in the 1000. I ended up with 4.3K. The rest of the day was nice and relaxing.

This morning another easy 3.5k in the pool. The rest of the day was spent completing computer course requirements. The dark clouds were rolling in quickly. I grabbed the dogs and went out for a 50 minute run. We got a little wet at the beginning of the run. We lucked out on the rest of the run. I could have run at anytime. Oh well. I didn't want to give the dogs bath, small price to pay. At one point, during the run both dogs were right behind me on the trails. I am not sure if it was Kona or Fina or both. Somehow I managed to go down as they passed me. I definitely broke my second toe. It was swollen, black and blue. :-( I finished the run with minimal pain.

My toe bothered me a little on the trainer. I rode for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I did some interval work. 3.5 hours for the day, another deposit into the bank.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tired legs

My legs felt tired this morning. I headed out for a 90 minute run with the dogs at 7AM. I had to be at work early. The first few miles were rough. I settled into my pace right after. I ran almost 13 miles. I think my dogs are super tired. All they have done is sleep and eat a couple bites of food.

I was gonna do an swim and bike today. I decided to pass since I was in the pool for 2 hours during inservice training. A solid week of training (16k swimming, 137 miles cycling, 40 miles running)

April 25 - Christopher dropped over 7 minutes off PR from 2009 at Mount Ranier Duathlon Short Course and placed 3rd in Age Group.

May 2 - Elizabeth's first race at Escape From Alcatraz. She placed 1st in Age Group, was 2nd Amateur Female, and 11th Overall including pros.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Third lucky day of the week

The ride was nice and dry. There was some wind today. It wasn't just a head wind. It was a head wind with a cross wind. Fun, Fun. There was more wind than last Saturday, if you can believe that. Only a few people showed up at Forza this morning. I rode by myself. I managed to get in a little over 71 miles.

I quickly headed out for a brick (running within 10 minutes of riding) with the dogs for an hour run. My legs were a little tired from riding in so much wind today. It took most of the run to get into a good pace. I finished with just under 9 miles. It was almost an 80 mile day. The first of many more long days to come.

I am tired.