Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bonney Lake Sprint Tri

At the beginning of the week, I decided to race in Bonney Lake. I didn't know it was going to be a tough week of workouts. It all started with Tuesday. I swam my fastest 1000 (13:45). It was a hard effort. I probably would have gone a little faster if there wasn't more in the workout after. That afternoon, I jumped on my trainer for some heat adaptation. It was 90 minutes of pure suffering with no fan or air conditioning. I wore a sweatshirt, tights, and a beanie. I knew it was going to rough because I was already sweating walking around my place in shorts only. Twenty minutes in I was already having trouble maintaining power. After 30 minutes, my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. I threw off the beanie. My only goal now was to make it another hour. I have done workouts like this before, they were much shorter. I almost passed out when I finished. I had to hold onto my bike, so I didn't fall over. This workout trashed me. On Thursday, I still felt some affects. I got through a swim and finished a tough run. I ran a few long hill repeats on a 4% grade. I was worthless on Friday. I didn't know what to expect at the race.

Saturday morning, I left the house at 6AM. It should have taken a little over 30 minutes to get there. Instead it took almost an hour. I drove several miles past the turn and had to backtrack. Not a great way to start the morning. I finally arrived at transition a little before 7AM. I picked up my packet, set up my race area, and then headed out for a 30 minute ride on the course. I didn't bring gloves and my hands were not happy about it. As I rolled back into transition, the Olympic race had started. I check everything in my transition area then head back to the car to don my XTERRA VENDETTA.

SWIM - 7:41 (5th fastest)
I started in the middle drawing a straight line to the turn around buoy. BOOM. I take off. There are a couple guys just ahead of me. I get into their draft and end up following them the entire swim. I quickly exit the water and start stripping the wetsuit down. I think the swim was 550-600 meters. At least that's what my GARMIN 910XT had.

T-1 0:42
I quickly took the rest of the wetsuit off, put on my helmet, and headed out with my LYNSKEY. I passed two of the faster swimmers and left in 3rd.

BIKE - 32:43 (3rd fastest)
The course had some rough roads with a few short hills. It took me a few miles to pass the guy in second (Eric). Then another few miles to catch up to the lead guy (Bryan). I was in the lead until I turned onto a dead-end street. I don't know why there was a race sign pointing to turn on the street. Luckily the other 2 guys did the same, but since they were behind me they turned around sooner and put me back in third. I quickly passed Eric. I noticed we were close to transition, so I started to get my feet out of my shoes and stayed behind Bryan.

T-2 0:32
I jumped off the bike, ran to my area, and racked the bike. I slid my numb feet into my NEWTONS. Eric left just before me and Bryan was right behind me.

RUN - 18:27 (2nd fastest)
It was going to come down to the run. This was a tough run course. It was rolling with a couple of steeper hills. I made my move on Eric in the first mile on a hill. I guess those hill repeats on Thursday paid off. I knew Eric was close behind because I could hear his footsteps the rest of the race. I tried to put more separation between us, so I pushed the pace on the hills. It ended up working as I got to the finish line with about 15 seconds to spare.

OVERALL - 1:00.07 (1st overall)
It looks like if I didn't make the wrong turn I would have been under an hour.

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