Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bonney Lake Sprint 2014 (0.35mile, 12.3mile, 5k)

I raced Bonney Lake the previous two years so knew I had to come back. BUDU racing does a good job with their races. Plus I had to try and defend my title. I knew their was rain in the forecast. As I warmed up on the bike, I saw the clouds in the distance. I crossed my fingers they would stay away for another hour. No such luck. Once I started my run warm-up the rain drops fell. The only good thing was I raced earlier in the season under similar conditions.

I dried up and sat under a tree trying to stay dry before donning the wetsuit. I walked over to the swim area and saw Richard right before entering the water. It was nice to catch up since we hadn't seen each other in awhile. I warmed-up and waiting to start. There was a delay because of the Olympic race taking place. Richard and I chatted up a little more then it was GO!!!


Course: Out and back, water temp 70+ degrees.
Race action: I felt good at the start. I saw 1 guy get out in front. I tried to close the gap with no luck. I ended up coming out of the water 10 seconds behind the fastest swimmer. I quickly ripped through transition and ended up leaving in first.
Next time: Start faster and stay on the feet.
Result: (7:39 for approximately 0.35 mile)

Course: 1 loop with a couple of small hills.
GearLYNSKEY TI BIKE, ROTOR 3D CRANK WITH AERO Q-RINGS, Rudy Project aero helmet, Shimano custom shoes, Zipp Firecrest 808s with Continental Attack/4000s tires, XLAB 400 torpedo.
Nutrition: Gu Brew (50 calories)
Race action: It was pouring rain. The rain was just as bad if not worse than Five Mile Lake. I almost laid the bike down twice, too much speed for the turns. I ended up in the opposite shoulder on a right turn, thank goodness there wasn't a car. My aero bottle between the arms somehow loosened up and kept moving forward. It was annoying but manageable. A guy, who ended up winning the Olympic, passed me within a few miles of transition. I tried to keep him in sight, but his pace was too fast. I dismounted my bike and started running into transition. I overshot the lane, so had to pick up my bike and run back through the gate. Ugh!
Next time: Make sure gear is in tact.
Result: (31:12 23.7mph)

Course: 1 loop on road/sidewalk with a few hills within the first 2 miles.
GearNEWTON DISTANCE SHOES with Xtenex Laces.
Race action: I saw 2 guys ahead of me as I left transition. I took a time check. They were 20 and 30 seconds ahead of me. I tried to close the gap. The guy closest to me seemed to be running the same pace. The guy in front of him ran out of sight. I am not sure why, but my insoles shift inside my shoes during rainy conditions. I finished the race with half of my insole sticking out of my shoe. The only reason I didn't stop was because I did not know my placing in the race. I neared the last turn closing in on the finish line to realize I was in first. The race director had to run out and place the last cone for me to round before crossing the line.
Result: (19:19, 6:14 per mile)
Finish: 59:28 (1st overall).
Upcoming: Maintaining fitness for the rest of the year

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