Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kona (Part III - Post Race)

I didn't sleep well after the race. I went to breakfast as soon as it opened. I sat there reflecting about the race and watched the waves. My primary goal for the race was to respect the island and enjoy the race. My time goal was 10hrs (1:00, 5:15, 3:30). I was very satisfied with my performance. I got a text saying I needed to buy the local paper.

West Hawaii Today Oct 10, 2010

Sunday evening we went to the awards banquet. The food was ok. They served beer, so it more than made up for it. We listened to Mirinda Carfrae (Rinny) and Chris McCormack (Macca) give a speech. Rinny was a little emotional, but what do you expect when you just won the biggest title in Triathlon. Macca was much more humble than 2007. I guess aging has a way of maturing us. Afterward Josh and I stopped for a few drinks at the local bar.

The goal for the rest of the trip was to relax and get some sun. I saw a couple of turtles. Josh got a moped on Tuesday. We went to a beach a few miles down Alii Drive. I tried body surfing. I got pummeled several times. I caught a glimpse of a couple get hammered by waves. The lady stood up with blood running down her face. The guy was knocked down by a wave. As he was trying to regain his footing, a bigger wave decided otherwise. The beach lifeguard came running down and pulled him out of the water. The lady ended up going to the hospital because of a possible head injury. As for me, the nasal enema I received over and over again caused me to have a nose that wouldn't stop dripping. I had Josh drop me off at the condo. I packed earlier that morning, so all I had to do was get all of the sand off me and call the taxi.

Going into this race, I told myself this was the last ironman for me. I chased a dream for 5 years and finally made it a reality. I think it is time for a break.

All of this would not have happened without:

  • Heidi Grimm - She wrote my first training plans.
  • All of my family/friends who supported me through the highs/lows and swim/bike/run workouts.

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