Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mega Miles #2

The weather was nice Thursday. We started our ride a little after 1PM. We changed up our return route. If you haven't ridden the Crowieto Express, the only thing I can say, "It's one fast train. The train only has one gear. Supersonic" We (actually Lee decided to pull most of the first half) averaged 23.2mph out to the Texaco. I did most of the pulling on the way back. He had the easy part (mostly tail wind), while I had more of the head wind. We ended up with 90.5 miles in under 4 hours for an avg of 22.7.

I swam 4500 yards Friday morning. The main set was 4x(4x100 fast on 2:10 + 200ez on 3:00). I swam progressively faster on each set. All I did was chill for the rest of the day.

It was very cold Saturday morning (mid 40's). I cant remember the last time I put a vest, arm warmers and gloves on. We decided to ride toward Texaco, then Johnson creek, Starbucks, Forza, then back to his house. The winds were stronger than Thursday. I was not able to do much pulling today. I got to experience the razor effect on the crotch. It wasn't too bad because there was only a little bit of blood when I showered up. I sat on the Crowieto express for 70% of the ride. I rode a good portion standing on the pedals. I was hoping we would average 22 for the day. We fell just short. I guess the Crowieto express wasn't up for the challenge. I had a strong run off the bike. The most interesting thing to happen was when I saw a chipmunk standing on 2 legs on the white line. I thought I was about to see a chipmunk pancake. Luckily it darted back into the woods. The funny thing is Crowieto never saw it.

Crowieto told me he was going to run for 50 minutes off the bike. I didn't believe him. He decided to run with me. I could hear him behind me until the my watch beeped 1 mile (6:43). Then I heard, "That there Asian must have some Kenyan in him." I continued to accelerate the pace until my thirty minutes was up. I am amazed at how my breathing was very comfortable. If I could run like that in an ironman, I would be worthy enough to call myself a pro. Can you guess how much Crowieto ran? If you guessed two miles, you win. If Crowieto ever tells you he is running for 50, you should run with him. It's only 15 minutes.

I thought it was cold Saturday. It was even colder Sunday. I started the run in the upper 30's. I could feel the cumulative effect of the bike miles. I tried to settle into a good pace. After 15 miles, I decided to pick up the pace and finish the last four miles at 6:40 pace. I think you have to be flexible because you never know what the race day will throw at you.

I decided to go to the pool for a short swim. I wanted to flush my legs. I felt very tired. Crowieto looked strong in the pool. It must be nice when you get to cut the run short and swim with fresh legs.

We went and watched "Couples Retreat". I am a big Vince Vaughn fan. I thought the movie was funny. It doesn't beat the best comedy of all time "Wedding Crashers". It was nice to unwind.

I did not want to get out of bed to swim this morning. I woke up at one point hanging off the bed and sleeping sideways. No more movies that put me in bed at 10pm when I need to get up at 415am. Being the disciplined athlete that I am, I pulled myself out of bed. I could tell my legs were getting heavier each day. I swam 5x1000. After the first one, I thought the workout was gonna be horrible. It actually turned out to be pretty good considering how broken down I am.

Guys talk trash. Something about testosterone. Now when a chick talks trash, there really isn't much a guy can say. Unless this chick swam at college. I think my favorite quote from her last night was, "I am going to smash you in the pool tomorrow." What can I say, she was a distance swimmer. She started half way through on #2. She swam #3 with me. She started #4 with me. It was pull. I started pulling away after the 500 mark. I left for #5 and she had just touched the wall. She decided to kick instead of swim. It must be nice to be in off season mode. I guess the smashing will have to wait for a more convenient time.

I refueled with a bagel, pop tarts, and mocha frap. We got on the trainer at 830am. We put on "Have Mercy" spinerval. There were parts that were tough (5 minutes straight in big 15 of 4sec all out, 4 sec ez). After that I watched a three 30 minute segments of triathlon and Star Wars III. For every commercial I rode standing. I finished up with 5 hours.

I am glad the weekend is over. I am tired, hungry, and exhausted.

I managed 12,000yards of swimming, 14+hours of cycling, and 24 miles of running.

4 more weeks of consistent training then 2 weeks of taper.

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