Saturday, October 24, 2009

A "crack" in his armor

I did nothing on Tuesday and my knee appreciated it. I had a really strong swim Wednesday morning. I did three rounds of descending 200's on a short rest send off. I picked up the speed each round. My knee felt so good, I was actually tempted to run. I didn't. It feels like my knee is back to normal.

Crowieto decided to join me for a zone 5 bike workout. My knee felt great until a little over half way thru the workout. The workout was tough. I was hoping to push harder on the second time through, but my legs were dead and my knee was starting to get worse. We cruised back and then I went for a quick 30 minute run.

Friday morning I had a sprint workout in the pool. Aerobically I felt great. Muscularly, each 100 got harder as my pecs & lats started to get really tight. I wasn't going to run, but my knee felt good after physical therapy. I ran for 90 min. I am amazed at how easy my runs are this year. The second half is always faster.

It was in the low 40's for the bike ride Saturday. It is the first time I put tights on since March. My legs did not feel good. Was it because I ran last night? Umm... Yeah!!! That along with my knee bothering on and off. I decided to ride the Crowieto express. There was a steady wind going out and a little tail wind on the way back. We saw a Vizsla out on Johnson Creek Road. It was almost as tall as Oden. The Crowieto express averaged 21.8 for 113 miles. He actually let me pull 1% of the time today. The most exciting part of the ride was when we were on Reservation Rd. I was in la la land, when all of a sudden I saw a blur go by me. It was Crowieto. He caught me completely off guard. I laughed and said, "That m... f..." I put it in overdrive to catch him. He decided to ease up and let me catch him. What a bum!!! I wanted to give it a go. O well. I did find a "crack" in his armor. It is very noticeable. Especially when you sit on his wheel 99% of the ride.
I had to run early Sunday. It was in the low to mid 30's I had a beanie, long sleeve shirt, mittens and tights. Suffice it to say, I still froze!!! My legs felt tired, so I just ran. I took a page from Forrest Gump. Crowieto came by later and ran Fina for an hour. It was good because she was snoring lights out afterward. I went back to the pool later that evening for an easy 1600 meters.

This morning I swam a lot. I cannot remember the last time I swam 6700 yards. I think it has been over a decade. My main set was 3x1650. I felt good. I was surprised with my first one and disappointed with the last one. That's ok. Less than 4 weeks to go.

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