Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching up

I had a solid training week last week.

I went up to Lake Stevens on Saturday with Lee & Karen. We rode the course. I was race support last year (I was fired because I got drunks the night of the race). The course is somewhat challenging. You have to ride smart on the hills. I definitely think if you push the hills, your legs will return the favor on the run. Crowieto thinks his bike time (2:37.02) will stand from last year. I don't think so, especially since we rode it as a training ride in 2:38. I almost forgot he is a runner now, so it might be true for him.

Monday - I had a nice easy swim at the pool. Legs were sore from the hilly bike and strong run over the weekend.

Tuesday - I rode a little over 50. Legs feel better, almost recovered.

Today - I had a great swim this morning. I can't believe I am swimming faster than ever. I also had a strong 1 hour run with a few mile repeats. I ran a PR in practice. I am ready to kick the feet up and relax.

I am looking forward to the race this weekend!

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