Saturday, July 25, 2009

Federal Way Escape Triathlon


Another typical night of sleep, I woke up a few times. It was good to get an extra hour of sleep compared to Seafair the weekend before. My legs felt a little tired, but I figured all things would feel better later.

I met up with Lee & Karen and we were on our way just before 5am. After a quick stop at Starbucks, I realized I forgot my watch. No big Deal, Karen is always super prepared. I don't use it for racing, but it is always good to have for the warmup.

We arrived at Five Mile Lake just before 5:30. There were a few people there. We set up our transition areas. I headed out for a bike warmup. I decided two loops would get my legs ready to ride hard for the race. I re-racked my bike and headed out for short run. Once my warmup was complete, I made sure everything was in the right spot.

I had a friend tell me that we did not get out of the water for the swim. I was super excited until the race briefing. It was like Ironman CDA. A quick run in sand around a sign then back in.

This race is a little short of a true Olympic Distance race (1500m, 23.32mile, 5.86). My goal for the race was 22:00, 59:00, 36:00 + transitions equalling a 2:01.00.

It was a 2 loop course. The water felt like it was in the low 70's. There were only 2 waves, men then women. During the first part of the swim, I saw a few people in front of me. I wanted to build to the first buoy then settle into a pace. My plan worked for a bit, but I felt like I only had 1 gear. I hit land and quickly ran around the sign. I looked back and saw Lee coming out. It seemed like he was having a great race. I tried to dive in for a graceful re-entry. It was more of a flop. I tried to stay with the guy right in front of me, but I just couldn't go any faster. After the second buoy, I see someone creeping up on me to the right. I had to do a double take. It was Lee!!! I tried to move into his draft stream. I couldn't even respond. The only thing I can tell you is that the McCurley Clan crushed me on the swim. I don't make excuses. I looked at my wetsuit later and noticed a big hole. I need to get this repaired before my next race. Swim-24:11 I wonder if the swim was a little long... Did we really need to get out of the water? Why did the sprint racers have a smaller loop?

The bike course had lots of turns and a few small rollers.

I ran up the beach and quickly transitioned to be just ahead of Lee out of the water. I wanted to build the first lap then settle into a strong pace. Lee passed me before the first turn. I was definitely glad to ride the course. Before I finished the first loop I notice a few riders ahead of me turning. I was actually confused. I knew we were supposed to stay straight. I wonder how many took that turn??? Was Lee part of that group??? Any bets???

Yes, he had a police officer tell him to turn left. Then the cop changed his mind. It was a little bit of bad luck. Would I be unlucky later???

I didn't know this until halfway thru the second loop, when he came up next to me saying something in Korean. My translation, "I want bacon for lunch."

Lee & I rode together trading pulls for the rest of the ride. We did it legally, no cheating for us.

We came into transition 1-2. 58:43, 2nd fastest bike split to Crowieto.

I thought the run course was flat. There were actually a few rollers.

I racked my bike, put on my Newtons, and headed out. I knew Lee was right behind me, so I tried to get comfortable for the first couple miles then press on the second loop. I had a stitch on my right side for the first mile. I was able to work through it. I ran up to the first water station and saw the volunteers jumping out of the car. I like to run with a bottle, so none for me. I hit the undulating part of the run. I turned onto Military road. As I neared the park, I saw a volunteer. I thought I was supposed to run back thru the park. She wasn't sure. They weren't ready for me. I had to wait a few seconds. She told me no, so I continued on. I started to pick up the pace on the second loop. I thought I heard foot steps, but I guess it was my brain messing with me. I kept pressing as I entered the park. I saw Karen and told her to keep it up as I was asking which way to the finish line.

I ended up winning the race by almost 4 minutes. If you subtract out the part I was supposed to run it was probably 2 minutes. The race director acknowledged the mix up, but admitted that it would not have mattered. It would've been an interesting race, if Crowieto did not go off course. He finished 2nd in his age group and 4th overall. This was my first win. It was a Team Bear Naked sweep. Karen was the top female. It looked like she was pretty excited.

After the race, we chilled for a bit and headed to Seattle for the Torchlight 8k Run. It was humid. I was going to run super easy, but I got so bored that I couldn't take it anymore. My last 2 miles were 12:20.

My next race will be Lake Stevens. Time to get some miles under my legs.

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