Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting ready for another half

I felt pretty tired Monday morning. I ended up with 5600 yards. I was actually surprised that I kept my pace throughout the workout. Then main set was 4x800 + 6x150. Later in the day I went out for an easy one hour ride.

On Tuesday, I biked 55 miles. Nothing like having a plan in your mind for the route and then changing it because the road was closed. I ended up making a 16 mile loop that I rode through a couple of times.

I had a good swim Wednesday morning. The workout was a pyramid of 100-500 and then back down. After the 300, I maintained the same pace throughout. I was a little faster on the way down. I saw a lot of clouds coming in and figured rain was near, so I moved my track workout to 1pm. I haven't done a track workout in a few months since preparation for Vancouver Marathon. After the first 400, I was able to settle into a nice pace holding strong and then picking it up for the last few.

Thursday was like Tuesday, except I made a 5mile loop that I repeated too many times to count. I hope they reopen the road soon. The workout was good. I quickly transitioned out with both dogs for a 30 minute run. I am not sure why, but Fina just doesn't seem to want to run like she used to. For the last 1.5miles I had to say "go" on every exhale so she would stay on pace.

The last few workouts seem to catch up with me on Friday. My swim in the morning was 60x50. It actually goes by very quickly. My favorite part was some swimmer, who decided to join me on #35. As we were nearing the end of the set, she called me out. Lesson #1 little lady - count. Lesson #2 - you don't win anything because you are swimming faster on the easy 50's. Lesson #3 - Don't talk trash if you cant back it up!!!

I heard rain in the middle of the night, so I was thinking that it would be a long trainer ride Saturday. We started with a 3 hour spinerval. It was good that I scheduled my bike for a tune-up this week. I cannot get into my small ring. I'm thinking it might be the cables. If you haven't done a spinerval, you are definitely missing out on a challenging workout. The easiest gear I could get into was Big 23. Lucky me. For the last 2 hours of the workout we watched college football. We agreed to stand during commercials. There wasn't a commercial for fifteen minutes during the first game. We switched over to Crowieto's Gators and there was a commercial every 3-5 minutes. I think we stood more than sat during the last hour and half or so. We both headed out for a quick run. Crowieto tucked in right behind me. I heard footsteps for the first mile or so. After that they disappeared. He was having cramping issues. I felt like a million bucks! My legs felt like as a feather and I kicked up the pace by 36 seconds. I maintained that pace for the next 3.7 miles. Actually I was getting faster. We finished off the workout with an awesome curry. Complements to the chef. It was awesome!!!

This morning a friend was supposed to run with Fina. I put her in the kennel and headed out. I had a great run. It felt like I wasn't doing any work. I decided to do 7x(1mile on half ironman pace then 1 minute easy). I got back to the house and poor Fina did not get a run. My flaky friend decided to sleep in. Luckily she made up for it later and took Fina around 1100am for 6 miles. Have you ever seen a Vizsla not get her exercise. She is out of control. After my run, I met up with my brother for breakfast at the new pub. They ended up sending me a cold dish and service was not the best. I didn't even get a chance to complain and they comped the entire meal. I saw a couple other people I know come in later. I talked to one of the girls before I left. She said her service was great. I think they were intimidated by me. What can I say?

Less than 9 weeks to go and it's GO TIME!!!

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