Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting ready for a big cycling weekend

I started having pain around my knee cap, so I cut my run short on Monday.

I had a strong bike on Tuesday. I rode a little over 53 miles. I did some zone 4 work.

My swim felt ok Wednesday morning. I descended a set of 300s and 150s.

I ran late afternoon with Fina. I felt like crap for the first five miles. Fina did not like the heat, so I dropped her back off at the house. It was easier to run 1 minute per mile faster than to warm up. Weird. I ended up descending miles 6-10 (6:49-6:26).

I took it easy on Thursday and ran for 30 minutes in the afternoon. I got into my pace right away and felt strong all the way through.

Time to rest up for the big cycling weekend.

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