Monday, September 7, 2009

Mega Miles #1

Wow what a great weekend!!!

I have to say Crowieto has helped me become a stronger cyclist. Last year, I used to feel guilty sitting on his wheel for most of the rides. Every time I would try to pull, he would pass me back within a minute. My pace was never fast enough for him. Hopefully, I proved myself worthy this weekend.

I started with a solid 3500m swim Friday morning. I was able to swim 50s five seconds faster than last year.

I texted Crowieto and wanted to move the ride up because rain was predicted. He came through. I have never seen him get in and out the door that fast. We had an amazing bike ride. I felt awesome!!! We averaged 23mph for 73 miles. It was crazy!!! I can honestly say that I did my fair share of pulling. I am no longer a draft whore.

It was a slow start Saturday morning. Rain was predicted all day. I brought my trainer over just in case. We lucked out for almost all of the ride. We stopped in Olympia at Guy's favorite coffee joint. You can count on some strange characters. The winds were stronger than Friday. We biked 110miles at 21.6mph.

Yesterday, there was good and bad. I wasn't sure what to expect after 2 days of cycling. I was very surprised. I felt really good. It took me 5 miles to warm up, then I averaged 6:49 for the next 13 miles, and warmed down. It rained for almost all of the run. At one point I couldn't tell if the rain was coming from the ground or sky. My favorite moment was on my last strong mile. The sky dumped buckets of water on me. All I could do was smile. Can you guess the weather at the end of my run? Sunshine and no rain. Only in Warshington. I ran 19.4 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We started today with a swim in the Lake. I decided to just stay in cruise mode. That is until I felt a toe touch. There is only 1 person I know who likes to touch my toes. If you guessed Crowieto, you win!!! He must enjoy drafting off me because he did it again. I decided to pick the pace up considerably. All I know 300 meters later he was no where to be found. I tried to swim with Karen. She swims like Crowieto bikes. All over the place!!! One second we are going left, the next we are going right. Imagine how fast she will be if she figures it out. I ended up swimming about 3 miles open water.

We were on our bikes within an hour to start the last long ride of the weekend. To say it was windy would be an understatement. Every once in awhile I looked at my watch and saw 19mph. It was tough for the first half of the ride. The second half was faster. The rain gods decided since we lucked out most of the weekend, it was time to get wet. Crowieto decided to test my top speed. Not just once, but four times. He almost got away from me on the last one. He finally realized that I wasn't gonna let him drop me. We averaged 21.8mph for 91 miles.

We biked 274 miles for 3 out of 4 days averaging 22.04mph. We have one more mega miles weekend in 5 weeks. 300+miles.

10 weeks to go till Arizona. O Yea!!!

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