Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recovering from Mega Miles #1

So far the only issue I have is my left knee is a little sore. I ended up skipping my short run on Tuesday and relaxed with no workouts.

Wednesday, I had a really good swim. The main set was 1000, 5x200, 10x100. Sometimes I jump in and feel strong from the first stroke. Other times, I can tell it will be a long workout. It was one of the good days.

Later than afternoon, I had a really strong run. 5 mile w/up, 6 miles at Half Marathon pace, and then warm down 2 miles. I basically descended my speed. There was interesting moment after a deer crossed the street. Out of no where I hear a noise sounding like a chain bobbing. I look to my left. It was a pit bull running at warm speed. I think he was getting ready to have some Asian food for dinner. We exchanged glances at each other and then he turned around. I figured I was chopped Bruce for dinner. I might be running pretty fast, but there was no way I could out run him. Whew, close call. Maybe I should carry a taser. Anyone have one for sale?

On Thursday, I had a good ride. The sun was out and so was his best friend, wind. I thought it was windy on Monday. Nothing like doing short intervals and going as hard as you can into a head wind. Not sure what is worse. Riding into a head wind or up a hill. Or the ultimate head wind uphill. Yes, I have experienced those on St Croix. I had a good run off the bike.

Another good swim on Friday. 100's with 1:00 rest. I felt pretty good, not great. After lunch, I took Oden & Fina for a short 30 minute run. Nothing like having to pull the dogs to the finish. I kept encouraging the dogs. The heat seemed to drain them more than me. This was my moderate run too.

It's hard to believe that it was nice and sunny in the middle of September. I think the high was in the mid to upper 80's. We had our longest bike of the year on Saturday. We were just shy of 120. Karen was racing at Black Hills. Somehow we timed everything right to pull into the finish area and watch her finish a minute later. If we would've rode any slower, we would've missed the finish. Great job Karen!!! 4th female and 2nd in her age group. Back to the ride. The heat was getting to me. I drank a lot at each stop. I looked at my shorts and knew I didn't consume enough salt. At the end of the ride, I was ready to collapse. I was super hungry, thirsty and tired.

When you don't refuel well after a tough workout you will feel it later. It might be the next day or a couple days, but it always catches up with you. Lately I have been forcing myself to eat. Not sure what that's about. I only ate one scoop of my rocky road ice cream. I cant ever recalling leaving any ice cream in a bowl, especially rocky road. I started my run feeling good. After 5 miles, I was able to get comfortable into my pace. That only lasted another 6 miles. I dropped Fina off and had one more loop of 10.3 miles to go. This was the longest 10 miles I have run since my stupid 3 hour run after a huge hangover last year. It started out as run a mile walk a few seconds and eventually turned into run 1/4 to 1/2 mile and walk almost a minute. I was able to finally finish the run. It ended up being 21 miles. Last week I felt great running 19. Lesson of the week, YOU HAVE TO EAT TO TRAIN!!!

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