Sunday, November 1, 2009

The volume is starting to come down

I had a solid bike ride on Tuesday. The main set was 2x(15' hard, 5' ez, 5' hard, 2' ez, 10x(45"accelerate + 15"ez), 6'ez). I was glad to stay dry.

I felt tired in the pool Wednesday morning. The bike ride zapped me. I got on the track before the rain came. My knee was feeling good through the warmup and the start of the main set. I decided to skip the fast 400s.

Crowieto and I rode just under 70 miles. We stayed fairly dry. Some of the roads were wet and it rained a little, but all in all no real complaints. We faced a steady head wind out and a small tail wind back. I decided to do my share of the work, so I pulled 5% and stayed on the Crowieto express for 95%. We have a great chef on our staff. She hooked us up with a chicken curry.

I was surprised with my swim Friday morning. My main set was 60x50 odds ez and evens fast. I was able to swim the ez 50s on a sendoff that was 5 seconds faster. This means I am recovering faster. 2 goonie goo goos tried to swim with me. Unfortunately they couldn't make the fast 50's and didn't really go ez on the slow ones just so they could say they made the workout. I guess that's good enough for some people. I was going to go into work for a couple hours, but decided to just call it a day and relax.

We were teased Saturday morning. It rained hard all night, so wasn't sure what the weather would bring. On my drive over, it was blue skies and sunshine. Crowieto and I were in no hurry since it was going to be our longest ride of the year. Our first stop was 39 miles in at the Texaco. We were getting ready to leave and it started pouring. I couldn't believe it. We headed out toward Bucoda. I thought someone was sitting on a cloud above us and dumping a never ending bucket over us. At one point, I was so cold that I thought I wouldn't make it through the entire ride. Luckily, the rain slowed and it warmed up as we were leaving Tenino and heading toward Olympia. For the most part the rest of the ride was manageable. Crowieto bonked with 5 miles to go. We ended up with 129 miles. I was exhausted after the ride. Thank goodness Karen had food ready for us. Otherwise I was gonna see what my arm tasted like. First dinner was spicy. We went out for second dinner and a few games of chess.

It was so cold this morning. My legs were tired. The plan this morning was to have a solid run. It took me 6 miles before I could change gears. After mile 9, I finally got into my race pace effort and held it for the next 11 miles. I went to the pool at 5pm. One of my swim partners decided she was gonna put the smack down on me. True competitors want people at their best and others will take what they can get. I wish I could run 8 miles in one hour and fifteen minutes then hit the pool. But hey, she beat me in the pool today. Victory!!!

I can honestly say, my body is tired. I feel physically exhausted. I am so glad the volume is coming down. I can tell it is time for my body to start prepping for an amazing race.

3 weeks to go.

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