Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vizsla fartleks, 72 pull-ups, and snow

I did not feel great in the pool Wednesday morning. I think it was due to poor sleep. The main set was two sets of 5x100s on short rest. I did the first set on 1:30 averaging 1:20.6. The second set was on 1:35 averaging 1:28.8. My arms were useless. I finished with 3.5k.

After work I took the dogs out for a sunny, but chilly run. Fifteen minutes in we started 30 seconds on/off. This was very entertaining. The dogs did want me to beat them. Fina kept looking back at me, "Does this human think he has a chance?" The other dogs laughed. The best part was once I slowed to a jog, so did the dogs. They figured out the workout very quickly. The dogs were wasted after the workout. Once home, they went straight to sleep. I relaxed for 2 hours and then did 45 minutes of p90x, Cardio.

ThursdayI got on the trainer after work and took another stab at the workout from last a week ago. My legs were totalled after the last one. It was hard to stand up. Does this mean I worked hard?

Friday morning I felt okay in the pool. The main set was 12x100 on 1:35 descending every 3 and 3x400 pull 10". I finished with 3.6k in under 58 minutes. After work I took the dogs out for a short easy run, 3.8 miles. Once my brother got home we started p90x. The focus was legs and back. I finished with 72 pull ups and almost sprained my ankle during plyometrics.

Saturday morning I went to the pool for an easy 2000 meters. It took half of the workout for my upper body to loosen up from the pull-ups. After a long 2.5 hour nap, I jumped on the trainer for 105 minutes. I caught up on shows.

I woke up this morning to snow. I took the dogs out for a long run. They had a blast. Kona was out of control.

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