Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow week

Se got several inches of snow last week. My dogs love the snow.

Monday was a holiday in celebration of MLK. I swam 3100 meters. The main set was 5x400 pull on 6:00.

Tuesday I was feeling under the weather so not much of anything.

Wednesday the snow dumped. No work or training. I did take the dogs for a 4.5+ mile hike through Dupont. They had a blast. We did several snow sprints. My toes were not happy with me for the next several days. I guess hiking boots aren't designed for sprints.

Thursday the freezing rain came. This made things slippery and caused all kinds of havoc on trees, power, etc... Smaller trees and bushes were touching the ground from the 1-2" of ice on the branches.I lost cable, but had power. I rode the trainer for 40 minutes. I did several very hard 30" effort. It doesn't matter how much rest you get, these hurt.

Friday I went to the movies to watch Haywire. This had the least amount of talking I have ever heard in an action movie. No training and the 10k was canceled for tomorrow.

Saturday was a big day of training. After breakfast I swam an easy 2000 meters at the pool. I jumped on the bike for a 2 hour ride with a few intervals of Olympic/70.3 efforts. I ate lunch and chilled for a couple hours then went out for an easy run. The side roads were crappy. I had to stick to the main road and do a couple of loops.

Yesterday I went to the pool in the morning and swam 2800 meters. The main set was 2 rounds of 4x200 descending. The second set was pull and I held the same pacing for both sets. I headed out for a long run just before noon. I did a few 5 minute intervals at tempo pace. I had to cut the second one short because a dog came up to us. He broke his leash and wanted to say hi to Kona. Unfortunately ever since Fina was bitten, Kona has no desire to be around unfamiliar dogs. I added another minute to the third interval. The rest of the day was good.

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