Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally, back to ironman training

It has definitely been a recovery week.

I went for nice and easy 30miler. I wanted to flush my legs from racing the day before. I found out my wetsuit had a nice size hole in the front. The real question is, "Was it like that racing?".

I had a good swim in an indoor 25 meter pool. I really wish they would get a retractable roof. My body feels run down. I have a slight cold.

The cold gets worse, so I take a rare day off.

I ran easy for 34 minutes in the morning. During lunch, I swam outdoor in the 50meter pool. I felt pretty good.

I lost power at 8:50PM. I filled the bath tub with 2 inches of water. I must have fallen asleep because it was dark when I woke up. I had to sleep in front of the screen door. I felt bad for poor Fina. She was panting most of the night. A couple of times I didn't hear anything, so I had to check for breathing. She is one tough cookie. I can't imagine trying to survive in the heat with a wool sweater on. UGH!!!

The cold is starting to get a little better. I ride a little over 40 miles and a quick transition run. The run was great. I was surprised to run so well in the heat.

I had a great swim in the morning. I did one of my favorite sets. 50x50 odds ez, evens fast. The key is maintaining speed throughout the entire set.

Today was my first 100 miler. I felt really good for most of the ride until a 2-3 mile section of gravel near Bucoda. They are preparing to repave, so the road it trashed. I hope they will have it fixed in a couple of weeks. I got in a good transition run. I was super tired for the rest of the day.

The good - the run felt so easy. I ran 17 miles in 2 hours. The bad - I thought I broke Fina. I have never seen her run so far behind me. I am not sure if it was the heat or the blistering pace. She was more tired than normal. It is nice to see that she does have a slow motion gear every once in awhile.

I swam this morning. I felt a little tired when I started. It obviously had to do with the long training weekend. I was glad to have a long warm-up. Once i got into the set, I settle into a good pace and finished strong. 4100meters.

I am looking forward to Lake Stevens, so I can begin focusing on my A race. I'll be 15 weeks out from Arizona at that point.

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