Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Stevens Race Week

The week is winding down.

I had a good run on Sunday. I did several mile repeats focusing on the pace I want to run at the race. I had blister problems for a couple other runs last week. I felt a nerve run up thru my body. The blister popped. I cut my workout down, but not enough.

I had a nice easy swim on Monday.

I picked up my bike on Tuesday and took the day off from workouts.

On Wednesday, I had a crappy swim workout in the morning followed by a good bike on the trainer later in the afternoon. I started on a new vitamin regiment. Never take vitamins close to bed. I slept horribly!

Yesterday I had a much better swim. I biked in the afternoon. The winds were stronger than normal. There was more of a head wind going out and a tail wind coming back. I felt very good on the bike. It is amazing how fast the weather changes. It was partly sunny when I finished my ride. On my drive home, it turned into torrential rain/lightning/thunder. Crazy!!!

I have another relaxing day today.

Tomorrow I have a few short workouts and then head up to Everett.

My goal 29:15, 2:35.00 (Hilly bike course), 1:30.00=4:37.00

My predictions:
Karen 28:30, 3:00.00, 1:48.30=5:20.00
Lee will out swim&bike me. He is faster than last year on the run, so under 4:45.00. How much under???

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