Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recovering after the half

I was amazed at my soreness after the race. I was sore thru Thursday. I had a few easy to moderate workouts thru the week. As the week was ending I starting to get a slight cold. I backed off on Friday's swim and was fine for the weekend.

Yesterday I had a really strong bike going til about mile 40. Lee and I were averaging just under 23mph. All of a sudden I hear a noise behind me. Lee is butt surfing on the pavement. I slowed traffic down, so he wouldn't be roadkill. I picked up his bike and he walked to the side. I asked him what happened. He was in shock, so the response was incoherent. Have you ever seen what happens when skin meets chip seal at 25+mph? It is totally gnarly!!! He hit both elbows, knees, shoulders, hip, hands, and ankle. He sacrificed his body for the bike. He is now an official member of the SYB (Save Your Bike) Club. I am the president and a member. The worst part of his bike was the end of his aerobar chipped off. Kurt fixed Bi33y's bike, so I think he will have a fix.

I asked if he wanted me to call Karen. He is a tough guy, so the answer was no. We rode easy for the next 13 miles. After 6 miles, I think the adrenaline was wearing off. I called Karen. She met us in Lacey/Yelm. He will be out of commission for a few days. I was there almost a year ago when I decided to see what happens when you touch the wheel in front of you.

I got a text from Lee this morning, "I iz hurtin." Wait til tomorrow.

I got in a nice run. It took longer than normal to get into my pace. I figure my body is still recovering, so no big deal. I cut it short at 11 miles. Fina did much better today. The last long run we did, I thought I broke her.

Next week I will get back to the grind. 13 weeks til I rip it up at Arizona!!!

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