Monday, August 31, 2009

A great week of training.

Monday, I swam strong on 8x400. I felt good and was able to descend.

Tuesday, I had a good bike workout followed by a short run.

Wednesday, I had another great swim. It was a lot of 200's. I finished up with a few fast 100's. I had a good run. It took a few miles to get warmed up.

Thursday was back to the mid/upper 80's. I had a great ride averaging over 22mph for the workout of 2 hours. The run was not fun. I have to keep up on the salt intake.

Friday, yet another great swim. Lots of fast 100's.

Saturday, I started the ride in the rain. After 30 minutes, we stopped at Forza for a hot chocolate. After an hour of relaxing, we decided to get back out there. Luckily, there was no more rain. The roads were wet for awhile. My legs were covered in dirt. I averaged 22.3mph for 92.5 miles. My riding partner was keeping the pace strong for the most of the ride. That is until about mile 79. We were climbing the last hill out of Lacey. I was half way up the hill and looked back and saw him in the distance. He bonked hard. I've been there, it's not a good feeling. I waited for him after the crest. After that I made sure not to ride too far, to make sure he would make it to Forza for a recharge. He was good to go for the last 10miles. I had a strong 20 minute run afterward.

Sunday, I ran just under 17 miles. My legs were tired from the bike on Saturday. It took me 5 miles to get into a nice pace. I averaged 6:55 for the next 10 miles. I ran with no socks and no blister issues whatsoever.

What a great week of training!!! Especially since I had a nagging cough all week. I am amazed that I was able to train at a high level and not get sicker.

It finally caught up with me this morning on my swim. My main set was 6x600. I wanted to be faster. My body was refusing. I swam 5000m. I have a short easy run later.

11 weeks to go and game on!

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