Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pre Lake Stevens Training Week

I rode 2 loops of a 30mile hilly route. My goal was to work the hills and put more effort into the second loop. My pace was 0.4mph faster on the second loop. I ran off the bike. I am settling into a strong pace. My pace drops about 10 seconds per mile. Perfect pacing for Lake Stevens.

I sent my wetsuit to Xterra for repairs. They sent me a rental just in case there is a delay with my wetsuit.

I didn't get to swim at 5am because of a work conflict, so I swam at 830am. I haven't done too much fast swimming in a 25meter pool, so I didn't know how fast I would be. The main set was 6x400. Odds swim and evens broken 100's on a short rest send-off. The first broken set, I started fast and faded. The second set I started slower and really couldn't go any faster. The last set, I started a little faster and was able to descend all of them.

Later in the day, I went out and ran 9 miles. My legs felt a little tired from the bike ride on the previous day. I ran two 2 mile repeats with a mile ez between. The first 2 miler felt fast and was ok. The second felt a little faster and was actually a lot faster. I started getting a blister on my left foot a few miles into my into the workout. I really need to figure out a solution for the blister.

I had a solid workout on the bike. I haven't rode in wind like this since the winter/spring. I didn't run off the bike because the blister was a little painful.

I had a really strong sprint workout in the pool. I swam with a dentist, who is in amazing swim shape ( I hope I can swim as fast as him at his age). I was able to stay just ahead of him on the 125's and most of the fast 75's.

The winds shifted from last weekend. There was head wind for the first half of the ride and more of a tail wind the second half. Lee and I decided to leave the group right after the gate. There was even a little trash talking from a superstar (he is going to Worlds). I heard a lot of excuses. I believe actions speak louder than words. Needless to say, the two of us averaged over 22mph for over 70 miles.

At one point during the ride, I felt like I was putting a lot of effort in and getting little in return. Lee noticed my tire was rubbing on my frame. If you ever want to make it hard to ride try it. It sucks! I adjusted my set screw and felt like someone had taken the parachute off my back.

I dropped my bike off for a tune-up in preparation for race day.
Not a bad week of training: 12,500m swimming, 176 miles of cycling, and 12 miles of running. I will run 13-14 tomorrow.

Only 7 days to go until Lake Stevens.

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