Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 more months...

I figured out that my season doesnt start officially until April 26. Woo Hoo!!! This means 2 more months of low key workouts.

I went home on Tuesday for lunch to run the dogs and try to beat the rain. It is never a good sign when you smell poop. I felt so bad for Fina. There was a big pile and some smeared throughout the kennel. UGH!!! I washed the dogs, cleaned the kennel, then quickly headed out for the run. I did not miss the rain. Luck was just not with me.

The best part of the day was baby sitting, Aryana. She is so cute!!!

It has been fun playing with the Quarq. I rode the trainer for an hour, several 1 legged drills and some spin ups.

This morning I swam 3600 meters. I felt a little tired, so swam ez. I ran for six miles after work. It is good to see I have a little speed right now. I didn't look at the watch until the run was completed.

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