Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lynskey is back with a few...

I picked up my bike yesterday. Newly equipped: ROTOR Cranks with Q rings and ceramic pulleys, Shimano 7900 brakes, and a QUARQ Powermeter.

Today was my first ride with a working powermeter. I bought an Ergomo a few years ago. It hardly ever worked.

QUARQ worked as promised. It paired with my Garmin 310XT right away. I set up some data fields with power and cadence. I haven't been on my bike for almost three months. I decided to ride about 20 miles. It was sunny and 60. There was a nice wind. I decided to sit up for 2.5 miles then get into aero. It makes a huge difference when you have been fitted to your bike. Aero feels so much better than sitting up. I just rode trying to keep the cadence 85-95. I peaked at power every once in awhile. At the end of the ride, I averaged 208watts at 21.3mph. I didn't think that was too bad, especially since it was a cruise ride. I will ride a few more times and then find my FTP, so I can maximize my cycling.

The ROTOR Q-Rings were a little different at first. I noticed a little bit of slipping on the heel pull. I felt like I adjusted quickly to the new shape.

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