Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mar 7-13

Monday - A little tired from the weekend training. I swam 3.5k in under 59 minutes. Main set was lots of 50s & 100s descending on short rest.

Tuesday - Sick with a fever. No workouts.

Wednesday - Still tired from the weekend training. I swam 3.4k. The main set was very fast 50s on less than 5 seconds rest. I did not swim as well as last week. After work, I went to the track for a nice wet workout. I felt like it was a double swim session today. I ended up 7.2 miles in 49.5 minutes. It was hard pacing because of the swirling wind.

Thursday - Tough bike workout. I wasn't sure if I was going to get through the entire set. My legs were burning after a few repeats. It became a mental game and I won today.

Friday - I felt tired as soon as I jumped in the pool. I was sure it was going to be a slower than normal workout. I actually swam faster than last week. Sometimes you feel slow and are actually going fast. After work I took the dogs out for a short easy run. It was nice to feel some sunshine outside.

Saturday - Jumped on the trainer at 6:30AM. Another tough trainer session. I barely made the last set. I had to dig deep. My legs are tired. Every time I walk up and down the stairs I get a nice reminder.

Sunday - I ran just under 11 miles. I had several mile repeats. The GPS was a little out of whack on #2. I was either running 5:20 or 7:40 pace. After second breakfast (Belgian waffles with blueberries), I headed to the pool for an easy 2.5k. I felt much better than last week.

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