Thursday, March 31, 2011

22.7k of swimming

Actually 6.7k of swimming and a wet, wet run on the track.

I swam an easy 1.5k Sunday and 2k on Monday.

Tuesday - I ran easy for 30 minutes before work. After work I had a tough bike workout. I had a few issues with my powermeter. The numbers were reading low. I got off several times to recalibrate. I felt the numbers were 20 watts low during the warm-up. I got off again and re-calibrated. The numbers seemed to be correct for the main set of 4x(6 min 110% + 2' cruise). I was on target for the first 3. Number 4 started well then went super high (400-500 watts). I stayed focused and finished off the last repeat. This is one of the reasons I do not look at electronics during a race. During training, I try to lock in to perceived effort and target watts.

Wednesday - I swam 3.2k. My legs were a little tired from the previous bike workout. They were also cramping during the workout, so I need to better job of hydrating. The main set was very fast 50s on short rest. I was a little slower than last week.

I was on the track in unrelenting rain. The track might as well have been a swimming pool with all the puddles. Lots of 400s. I ended up with 16k on the track. Have you ever tried to run fast 400s with the insole jamming into your arch? I started having issues with my insole moving around on the faster repeats. I had to stop on the recovery jogs and flatten the insole.  I guess the increased velocity burns the glue attaching the insole to the shoe. At least that's my theory.

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