Sunday, August 7, 2011


Karen talked me into racing an Aquathon today. The race took place on the waterfront in Tacoma. It supposed to be a 2k swim and 5k run.

It was a cold swim (58). It was a out and back course. My goggles were foggy and I had trouble sighting on the way out. It seemed like the buoy was staying in the same place forever. I didn't realize we swam against the current out. It was supposed to be 2k. The watch had 1.4 miles. My time was 35+. I was second out of the water behind Karen. I started the run with a stitch, so I backed off my effort. I ended up going off course and added 0.32 miles to the run. That put me at second at the half way mark. I pushed myself to catch the guy. My last 1.5 miles was just under 6minute pace. I ended up passing him with 100m to go.

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