Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Left glute

This morning I jumped into the pool for 3.7k. I love it when you can actually feel the water. The main set was 10x150 (100fast/50easy) with 15 seconds rest after each. I averaged 1:15.2 on the set. I felt strong in the water. You gotta love these days.

After work I headed to the track. It was 80 and sunny. I had to ditch my sunglasses after the warm-up. I needed the air flowing on my face to dry the sweat. The set was 12x200 with 25 seconds rest after each. I built into the set and was feeling good until #8. My left glute started to hurt. I backed off and decided no more fast 200s. After a mile of cooling down, I cleaned up and sat on a bag of ice.

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