Saturday, August 13, 2011

Open Water Race

Last night, I headed out to Kent for an Open Water Race. There were 3 distances (0.5mi, 1.2, 2.4) and with or without wetsuit. I found out the water temperature was going to be in the mid to upper 70s. I chose not wetsuit. There were 3 waves. The 2.4mile started first, five minutes later the shortest distance, and then my wave. The course was 100 meters to the first buoy, 850m to second, 100m to third, and 850 to finish. It was a nice rectangle. After a short warm-up, I lined up in the front.

The starter blew the whistle and we were off. Several people sprinted out. I wanted to start smart, so I chose to let them go and catch the draft. I think there were 10 people in front of me to the first turn buoy. I slowly began to pick them off and build my speed. I moved into fifth by the second turn buoy. I split the 2 wetsuit swimmers after the last turn buoy and swam between them. I actually thought I was in first because I could not see anyone in front of me. I thought I was drawing a bad line because a wetsuit swimmer was paralleling me 15 meters away. I remembered that if you followed the buoys back the line back would not be straight. I closed in on the finish and sprinted up to the mat. I wasn't sure of my placing because Chris was standing in front of me taking his wetsuit off. I could not find Karen, so I assumed she was changing. I somehow managed to be 3rd overall with the 2 guys beating me both wearing wetsuits. I was first non wetsuit and won an apple pie. Karen finished a little behind me and ended up third female.

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