Saturday, August 27, 2011

glute is healing

I have kept things low key trying to allow the glute to heal. It has been hard with the great weather we are having here in Washington.

I swam an easy 1.8k on Monday and an easy 3k on Tuesday.

On Wednesday I swam 3.7k. The main set was 10x100 on 1:30. I averaged 1:18 through 6 and then the piano dropped.

Thursday I jogged/walk for 12 minutes to test the glute. I felt pretty good. It feels like the glute is healing. It is not 100%, but getting close. I rode an easy 70 minutes and the glute felt the same.

Yesterday I headed to the pool for an easy 1k. I took the furkids for an easy 20 minute run. I ran laps around the field. The dogs started figuring out ways to run less in the 80+ heat. After lap 1, they waited at the start line for me to run 200 meters then sprint down to catch up. Fina was a little smarter. She knew I was running a square, so she cut the square diagonally.

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