Wednesday, June 15, 2011

0 for 2 today

The "green machine" sat in the bike box until yesterday. I decided it was time to put it back together and head out for a ride. The main set was 5x (6'@OLY + 3' cruise). I felt good on the set. My lowest power output came on the last repeat. I love trying to generate watts with a tail wind.

This morning I jumped into the pool for 3.2k of swimming. The main set was 10x100 with 10 seconds rest. I felt great for the first 5. Then someone dropped the piano on me and my pace slowed considerably. 0 for 1.

After work, I headed to the track for 12x200s. I felt good for the first. Then repeat of this morning. I decided to shut it down after 6. No sense in trying to make something out of nothing. My left quad was so tight that it took 3 laps around the track for it to loosen up. 0 for 2.

Today was not my day.

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