Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last week I failed on my swim and run workouts.

Wednesday morning I swam 2.2k. The main set was 10x100 on 1:30. I averaged 1:19. I felt strong on the entire set. After work I headed to the track for 15x200 on 20 seconds rest. I blew up last week, so I made sure to start smarter. The set creeps up on you. My breathing was labored on the last 6. I quickly showered, so I could take my niece to Wild Waves. I could tell my legs were tired, especially when I climbed stairs, stairs, and more stairs.

I went to solo point for 15 hill repeats on Thursday. I felt awesome. My power numbers were almost 10% higher than a couple months ago.

Friday I went to the pool for 3.2k. I felt okay during the workout. After work I went out for an easy 46 minute run.

This morning I headed out for a 3 hour cruise ride averaging 21.1mph. My glutes were sore from the hill repeats. It was most noticeable when I had to ride up any length hill. I was glad the sun came out and the runs stayed dry. I quickly transitioned. I took the dogs for a short 15 minute run.

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