Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A few days of good weather

It is nice to get a few days of good weather this time of year. I rode outside on Thursday. A nice loop out to Lakewood and then solo point hill and back. I took the the dogs out for a quick 4 miles.

Another strong swim on Friday. I was able to finish the end of a hard workout fast with little rest.

The ride started very cold on Saturday. I was the only one tough enough to ride in shorts, arm warmers, and a vest. I can't believe Croweito didn't have it on the sprint line. Richard and I split him with about 300 meters to go. I pushed a little to make sure no unexpected surprises. I looked back and no one within 10 meters. It warmed up fairly quickly. I took the arm warmers and vest off at the Texaco. A few people thought I was crazy. Maybe a little.

Crowieto and I went and watched Shutter Island. I figured the movie out in 20 minutes. I thought it was okay. I would wait for DVD.

I ran early Sunday morning. I took the girls dogs the trails and finished with 11 miles. My legs felt a little tired. I have a nice route with lots of rolling hills and 2 steep ones.

I jumped in the pool Monday feeling tired from all the treading at inservice on Sunday. I warmed up 1000 then swam a 1000 with no clue on speed. I was surprised when I looked at my split for the 500 and saw 7:00 (1:24 per 100meters) 7:04 for 2nd 500. I didn't want to kill myself because there was still 2x500 and 3x250 to finish. It took me the next 1000 to recover. I finished up with a strong 250 at the end of the workout.

I swam nice and easy yesterday morning. I felt good. I took the dogs out for a run, a little over an hour. They were happy the rest of the day. The weather held for the run. I was hoping no bath for the dogs. Kona had another idea as she splashed into the puddles and mud.

This morning I had a good swim, lots of short descending sets. I almost got into a fight. I started the next set a little fast because of the adrenaline rush. I am hoping to get out for a ride later. If the weather is crap, I will be on the trainer watching a DVD.

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