Friday, March 19, 2010

The never ending cough

It seems like this cough is slowly fading away. I am amazed at my current fitness level. I had several good workouts this week.

I swam an easy 2000 meters Tuesday morning. I rode my trainer for an hour in the afternoon. I did several one leg drills. I capped off the day with a quick 30 minute run to keep the dogs happy.

I had a strong swim Wednesday morning. It was a nice open water workout. Richard and I were doing different workouts when a girl decided she wanted to swim with us. Instead of waiting for me to stop, she put a kickboard as I was flip turning. Did I stop? If you know me the answer is... I stopped on the next 50. The girl was a decent swimmer. I think she though she was a superstar or somethin. After her short warmup, she realized the only way she would swim faster than me was to put the fins on. I laughed. My main set consisted of 2x(4x100 on 1:15) with some ez swimming between then finishing with 2x100 on 1:10. Superstar started 20 yards ahead of me. I almost caught her at the end.

I finally found someone, who is a faster runner and willing to run with me. This person doesn't make up graphs and extrapolations telling me how they are faster. He is faster as evidenced on the track and his past results. We warmed up 2 miles and went into 5x800 with an easy 400 in between. I had not been on the track since November. This was my first speed workout in awhile, so I had no idea on my pacing. I told myself to run around 3:00. The first one felt hard. It was right at 3:00. After that we continued to get faster. We alternated the lead each 800. Our times were 3:00, 2:55 (1:25-1:30), 2:55 (1:24-1:31), 2:50 (1:24-26), #5 was my PR by at least 12 seconds. The crazy part was we negative split it by 4 seconds. I was just hoping to even split it.

Yesterday I rode outside with Scott. It was windy and colder than I thought. I almost turned around to get arm warmers. We started at Forza and rode out to Gravelly Lake. It was mostly a head wind the entire way out. On the way back we hit Solo Point for a few hill repeats then back to Forza. A solid 30 mile ride.

This morning I swam with Jared and Karen. I was really happy with my swim. The main set was 5x(3x100) on a short rest send off. The goal was to maintain speed all the way through as the rest decreased. Our last set was on 1:10, 1:20, 1:10. I held pace for the entire set.

I haven't decided if I want to run today or save it for tomorrow off the bike. I am looking forward to a long ride tomorrow and a run Sunday.

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