Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swimmin Strong

Monday morning I swam 3800. I was surprised because I felt slow at the beginning of warm up. I felt good for the first half of the main set. After that I felt horrible. I regrouped and pulled it together for a strong 400 for time. I couldn't believe I negative split the swim. I also babysat for an hour. Aryana is so cute!!!

I swam 3000 Tuesday morning. I felt really good. I had to remind myself that it was supposed to be an ez swim. I met up with Scott to ride at 2pm. The weather looked like it was going to hold. NOT AT ALL!!! I was wearing a short sleeve shirt, shorts, thin socks, and thin gloves. It started to pour on us 10 minutes into the ride. UGH!!! We ended up riding 30 miles. I took a hot shower. I could not stop shaking, I was so cold. The funny thing is I thought about taking arm warmers and my rain gloves. Just my luck =(

Another strong swim this morning. The main set was 9x(100 ez on 2:00 + 200 fast on 3:10). The goal was to descend the 200s. I did it all alternating back and free. I am still amazed at how fast I continue to swim.

The weather held after work. It was sunny and 55ish. I took the dogs for a 6 mile run. I thought I would get lucky and not have to give them a bath. Kona was up to no good. Every time she saw a puddle, she stopped in the middle, looked at me then took off running. She really knows how to push my buttons.

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