Friday, March 26, 2010


I squeezed a few workouts before I left for Monterey. On Tuesday, I swam 3000m easy, biked just under 2 hours, and ran 30 minutes. It was the best run off the bike so far this year.

I expected to see Ted and Mark Wednesday morning at the pool. I had already modified the workout, so we could all swim together. I decided to keep it 25back/25free for the main set. I felt good and finished off the set with some fast 100s. I had a choice to run at 1030 or 4pm. I picked 1030, so I could have the rest of the day to pack and relax. I should have ran at 4. My left leg was not happy with me.

It was a good drive to Monterey. We shipped out at 5am. The weather was constantly changing. There was lots of rain and clouds, a little sun, and snow for a brief second. I stopped every few hours to let the dogs out. In Medford, I was almost hit by an old lady driving on the wrong side of the road. We landed at Casa de Thiel just after 7pm. I quickly drove over to Forge in the Forest to meet up with Elizabeth, Jake, Hillary and the dogs. It was cool because the dogs were allowed inside. They even had a menu for dogs. Fina and Kona each got a hamburger.

This morning we ate a big breakfast. I ordered bananagerm pancakes. They were good. I should've ordered one. I took the other one back for second breakfast. Bi33y and I headed out for a swim at 1230. I had another strong swim. I was able to get in 3500 meters. The main set alternated fast swimming with increased distance and 2x50 cruise between each set.

Tonight we are going out for some wine tasting then watch the Blue Devils put a spanking on the boiled over makers.

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