Monday, March 22, 2010

Never underestimate anyone...

You would think I should know this after watching Crowieto come off the couch and rocket thru triathlons. I have a staff member (I call him Lance Jr.), who has been talking about how fast he is and blah blah blah. I figured he was all talk and no walk. I told him to ride with the group on Saturday. If he didn't show up, then he couldn't say a word about how fast he is.

The weather was supposed to be nice. I started a little early to get a few extra miles in before meeting up with the group. The temp was in the mid to upper 30s. The hard part on a day like this is wearing enough to stay warm, but not overheating as the it warms up. I decided to ditch my pants and vest at 0900. It was definitely the right move. It felt like the temperature jumped 10 degrees in the next hour. The pace was strong all day. Lance Jr. pulled several times. We were getting close to the sprint line and I was ready to take it. Lance Jr. decides to pull off hard to the left. My wheel was overlapping to the left and I had someone doing the same behind me, so I had to go with him. I recovered and came around to put the hammer down. I saw Lance Jr's shadow. I kept picking up the pace until the shadow was gone. The rest of the ride was fairly normal. Five of us stopped at the Texaco. I went to the bathroom and came out. The only person left was Lance Jr. I decided to make them pay once I caught them. Lance Jr. and I start out easy. We start the climb the hill after the gas station. He is pushing the pace and pulling away. I gave him a bike length and said enough. I caught up and we rode for few more miles. We caught up to the 3 other riders. I heard Lance Jr. breathing hard. I put the hammer down. As I turned onto Spurgeon Creek Road I glanced over my shoulder to see how close everyone was. I had at least a half mile gap. I decided to increase the pace and wait for them at the next stop. Lance Jr's only comment was, "You got me at the right time." The last part of the ride was uneventful. One of the regulars starting pushing the past as we neared the last climb. I sat on his wheel until we got to the base. I looked back and saw a big gap. I knew Lance Jr. was cooked. I cruised up the hill and waited, so he wouldn't get lost. It was the longest ride of the year for me, a little shy of 65 miles.

I quickly changed clothes and grabbed the dogs for a brick run. I felt horrible. I need to do a better job of nutrition on the bike. I decided to suck it up for the dogs since they were cooped up for 4 hours. Their tongues were hanging out and they were smiling. I cleaned up and ate. I washed the bike then headed up to Seattle to fix a few bike issues. The mechanic fixed my issues in 5 mins. I hate driving 50 minutes one way for simple fixes. UGH!!!

I got up early Sunday morning and took the dogs for a long run. We ended up with a little over 13 miles. The weather was everything (rain, wind, sun, wind, rain, clouds, etc...). The rest of the day was low key.

I had a another strong swim this morning. It was a distance set with 30 seconds rest. I maintained my pace for the entire 3000. I didn't think I would be able to since I rode hard on Saturday and ran long Sunday. I guess I am in pretty good shape.

I live for Monterey in a couple days. Can Indy keep up with Kona??? It will be the first of many short vacations for the year.

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