Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 days of riding

Bi33y had a mud run Saturday morning, so Josh and I headed over with the 3 dogs. We were shocked at the number of people racing. They announced 2000 runners. The race looked like it was a lot of fun. After that we headed to the donut shop for some tasty donuts. I had an chocolate covered old fashioned donut. It was awesome. The three of us headed out for a ride a little after 3pm. We rode 40 miles. The ride is always so beautiful on 17 mile drive. Josh stayed with us and pulled twice. I think he was trying to drop us the second time. He wanted us to know that he can put the smack down if necessary. The day capped off with mexican for dinner. Nothing like a blackberry cadillac margarita for a night cap.

Bi33y and I headed out just before 11am to ride with the NPS group. The ride starts with 0.5 mile easy/downhill, then basically climbs for the next 4 miles. I prefer a few more miles to warm up. Oh well. We met up with the group. The route was supposed to be fairly flat. We started out climbing and continued climbing for the next several miles. Most of the guys were tired from riding 160 miles 2 days before. There were a few attacks here and there. I love figuring it out as 2 riders flash by me. We had a close call on the pathway with a few kids on BMX bikes. They weren't paying attention and almost took out the group. After riding 40 miles we refueled and headed to the pool. I swam an easy 2300 meters. We quickly changed and headed over to the IMAX to watch Avatar. It was better on IMAX than Digital 3D. We then went out to dinner for Thai. It was delicious. They had a picture of Clint Eastwood in the restaurant. We were hoping to see him, no such luck.

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