Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 minute...

Yesterday my glute felt great. I ran 6.6 miles after work. I had two 5 minute builds. I decided to do it as 2', 1.5', 1', .5'. My pacing ended up as 6:55, 6:25, 5:55, 5:30 respectively. I was surprised because I went off of perceived effort. I didn't use my watch.

My glute was feeling okay today. I swam an easy 1.8k this morning. After work I headed out for a tough workout. It started with several hard 30" efforts with 1 minute rest between. My average was 5% higher than Tuesday. I spun easy for 8 minutes then rode 10 minutes hard. I might have started a little too aggressive. It did not help starting at the bottom of a hill. It was my highest 10 minute power output of the season. I was going to another one, but my hamstring started to feel weird after 1 minute. I cruised the rest of the ride. I averaged 21.5mph for the ride.

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