Monday, September 26, 2011

19,600 meters

I did not ride my bike at all last week. I hope the week off will get the glute back on track. I did get a little swimming done. Mon - 4400m, Tue - 3700m, Thu 3000m, Fri - 4100m, Sun - 4400m = 19,600 meters for the week. When you have to cut out a sport, sometimes you have to compensate in the other 2.

I got a little running in too. I felt great on my second run yesterday, after I dropped Kona off. My pace sped up 30+ seconds. Nothing like having a dog slow you down.

Today I swam 4400m. I felt better than last week. I felt awesome during the warm-up. I swam 1800 straight and felt the piano on back as my pace slowed down 1 second per 100 every 400. After the long swim, I tried to pull a set 400s. My upper body was worthless. The muscles were smoked.

After work, I went out for an easy run. It is definitely fall. The winds were strong. I didn't discover that until I turned around. I thought I was running in place several times throughout the run.

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