Saturday, September 3, 2011

testing the glute

Tuesday - I went out on the bike to test the glute. It was feeling good. I mentally prepared to do a 20 minute hard effort near the ranges. I was feeling strong. That is until my sunglasses fell off my helmet. I stopped the interval to turn around and pick up them up. I was averaging 25.6mph. I rode easy for several minutes and tried again. I did not feel as good on the second attempt. It was my best 20' for the year so far, averaging 24mph. I grabbed the dogs for an easy 30 minute run immediately after.

I swam 4.2k Wednesday morning. The main set was tough 10x (75 on 1:05 + 50 on :45 + 25 on :35). The goal was to descend effort on each distance. I averaged 1:00, 39.5, 18.5. I finished up with 3x500 pull descend. I lost count on #2, so I took a 50 off the last one. After work, I headed to the track with my athletes. I wanted to try and test the glute with a little bit of speed. The glute felt okay, not great. The workout totaled 4 miles.

Thursday, I swam an easy 2k before lunch. After a busy day at work and a 90 minute nap, I went out for a ride. I started the workout with 10x30 second build-ups then into 10 minute efforts at threshold. The first one did not feel as good as the ride on Tuesday. I averaged 25.6mph. My glute wasn't hurting. I had a few weird twangs, so I decided not to do another effort and rode home. I averaged 21.3mph for the ride.

Yesterday I headed to the pool at lunch. I felt strong on the 25s. The main set was lots of 25s followed by even more 25s. They were all fast. The first set felt much easier than the second set. You think that swimming 25s with almost double the rest to work would be enough. Not on the last half of the workout. I was breathing hard. I kept all the 25s at 16 seconds. I finished with 2.6k in just under an hour. After work, I grabbed the dogs for an easy 35minute run. It was sunny and mid to upper 70s. The dogs had their tongues hanging out and dragging on the ground after a few minutes of running. I let them run off leash for 20 minutes. I put them back on for the last bit home. Fina was tired. My pace slowed down considerably in the last mile home. Finally a workout without any kind of twinges or twangs. I showered up and headed to physical therapy. My flexibility has improved dramatically from the previous week.

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