Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

It was sunny and 65 at the start of the ride on Saturday. Several people showed up for the morning ride. It was the first time I rode with Chip all summer. We decided to push the pace and test each other for the sprint line. I had pulled 70% of the 6.5 miles. I was stuck out in front with 0.5 mile to the line. I knew the only way I would get him at this point was to slowly increase the speed. He came around with 200m to go and we were both at max speed. He edged me by a nose. I would get my revenge later at the next sprint line. He was pulling the last mile. I came around with 100m to go and went by him. After riding the 50 mile loop, we decided to ride to Chambers creek and back to finish up the day. I finished with 74miles at 21.1mph.

Yesterday morning I went out for an easy 25 minute run in the morning. Ninety minutes later I was at the pool swimming an easy 2k. After a few errands and a nap, I ran an easy 35 minutes.

I was up early this morning to ride with Chip and Elizabeth. I had to wear arm warmers and gloves because it was in the upper 40s. It was a chill ride. I made a deal with Elizabeth to ride Pot Hill road. It was the first time I have been on that strip in 2 years. The road has deteriorated significantly. I was cruising downhill and saw a pot hole at the last minute. I hit the brakes and tried to avoid it. My rear wheel locked. I started skidding. I tried to get the bike under control, but ended up going down in some soft brush. I checked out me bike and saw the rear wheel had come off. I was lucky to figure this out and have a soft crash. On the downhill decent back home, I accidentally ran over a twig. It hit Elizabeth in the ankle. The rest of the ride was injury free.

After ninety minutes of chilling at home, I went out for another ride. I kept it very very easy. I ended the day with over 4 hours of riding. It was a beautiful day in the northwest.

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