Thursday, September 8, 2011

Legs have been tired

My legs were tired Tuesday. I got up early and ran before work. By the time I warmed up the run was over. I snuck in 3.2k of swimming in a 69.5 degree pool. BRRR!!! I was supposed to do 10x100 on short rest. I tried to do them on 1:25. I made 4 and just missed #5. I decided to pull 3x500 with short rest. Sometimes the pull buoy is a life saver. I descended them down to under 7 minutes. It took me the next few hours to warm up. I usually run the A/C all day when home. I didn't turn it on until after 2 hours. I went out for another run before dinner. I felt much better, even in the 80ish degree heat.

My longest swim of the year was Wednesday, 4.4k. The main set was 250s broken on short rest and descending the effort. I felt much better in the water compared to Tuesday and was able to maintain speed for the set. I took the dogs for an easy 35 minute run around 6PM. I felt pretty good except for a few twangs in my glute.

This morning I hopped in the pool for an easy 2k. I felt strong. After work I went out for a 34 mile ride. I started with several hard 30 second efforts with 1 minute between. I felt okay during that set. My glute wasn't bothering me much. I tried to do a couple of 10 minute efforts at threshold. I didn't even come close on my first one. Since my glute was acting up, I decided to call the workout and ride back easy. I just didn't have it today.

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