Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few days of sun in April

Yea, sun!!! It's nice to get outside for a few workouts without worrying about moisture.

Monday was a nice chill day. I had a 2k easy swim in the morning and 30 minute easy run in the afternoon.

Yesterday I went outside for 33 miles. The main set was 4x (10'@ 40k effort + 4 minutes between).

This morning I didn't feel great in the pool. The main set was 3x (3x100 fast on 5 seconds rest) I did ok. I finished up with 3.2k.

After work and a nap, I headed to the track for a tough workout, 4x (1000 fast with a 400 easy between). I descended the set. I ended up with 12.4k.

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