Friday, April 29, 2011

love them hills

Yesterday I decided my body needed hill work. I decided to ride up and down the hill until I couldn't. You gotta love them hills. You can't fake your way up the hill. There were a few people running. It was a nice distraction to see people suffering as well. After 48 minutes of fun, I had just enough left in the tank to ride home. I even managed to sneak the ride in without getting soaked.

This morning I swam 4.2k. My body is adapting to the training load. The main set was 9x200 on 3:05 descending every 3. I swam faster than last week and felt much better. It only took 67.5 minutes to complete the workout.

After a nap, I took Kona for a quick 45 minute run. It was an easy run except for 15 minutes of tempo. Kona did not like averaging 1 minute per mile faster than warm-up. I kept giving her words of encouragement. She survived.

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