Friday, November 4, 2011

31 degrees

My appetite was back to normal on Tuesday. I rode nice and easy for almost 25 miles. The temperature has dropped steadily over the past week.

It was a nice, warm 31 degrees Wednesday morning. I was out the door by 5AM for a 2 hour run. I felt strong for the first 75 minutes. I threw in a few 4 minute intervals at stand alone marathon pace. I picked up the dogs for the last 45 minutes. Actually Fina didn't make 1 minute, so I turned around and let her back in the house. My pace slowed 20+ seconds per mile. I guess the dogs don't like to run fast when it is so cold. I was just shy of 16 miles. I cleaned up, made a smoothie and coffee, and was off to work. I squeezed a short 2k easy swim at lunch time. My legs felt a little tired. After work, the clouds decided to make an appearance. I skipped the nap and headed out. The dogs were tired. I let them run off leash, so I could run at race pace. The first was a little rough. I settled into my pace for the rest of the run. I finished up the day with almost 22 miles.

I swam an easy 2000 meters yesterday morning. I felt better in the pool. After work and a nap, I got my stuff ready for a 2 hour ride. Since my favorite cogs were bent I needed to switch out cassettes. I thought I was tightening the cassette on my first attempt, so I switched directions. Only to figure out, I was really tightening the cassette. I got it on my third attempt, which was the same as the first. I headed out at 4PM. It was cold and dry. There were some ugly clouds in the distance. I warmed up with a few 30 second efforts, rode easy for 10 minutes, then went into 25 minutes at Olympic Tri effort. My legs felt tired from the running on Wednesday. I hit my goal power number. It was only 2 watts lower than last week, but 5 minutes longer. The weather was weird. The road I did most of the ride on was dry. A road that parallels was completely wet. It was dry in Dupont as well. Only in Washington.

This morning I swam 3.6k. I felt sluggish at the beginning of the warm-up. After several hundred meters, I was ready to knock out 6x200 on 3:00 descending ever 3. I swam faster times on a faster send-off than last week. After work, I went out for an easy run. It was nice and peaceful seeing the Puget Sound. I stayed dry and finished up with 7.6 miles.

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