Thursday, November 17, 2011

Green Machine

I was up at 5:30 this morning. I continued reading "I'm here to win!". It has been very good reading so far. I ate my usual breakfast then back to the room to surf the web. I headed to the pool for a short swim. I felt better than yesterday and finished with 1.3k. I decided to get a smoothie on my way out. It was called Green Machine, which I thought was very fitting since it is the name of my bike.

I drove to the race site to pick up my race packet. I checked out a few of the vendors. I talked to Mike from XTENEX. They make awesome laces that I have been using the last 2 years. The line for registration was long, so I walked over to ART (Active Release Technique) tents and there was no line. I met Richard, who worked on my left glute and foot. I left there feeling awesome. I picked up my packet and drove over to RA SUSHI for lunch. They make a sushi bowl that is simply amazing.

I headed back to the hotel and saw a DUTCH BROTHERS COFFEE on the way, so stopped by for coffee. Back at the hotel, I relaxed, surfed the web, and read. I got a call from TRIBE MULTISPORT that my bike was ready. I picked up my bike and drove to Shell gas station. This is the turn to for the long out and back stretch along Beeline Highway. The workout was short with a few 1 minute intervals. I somehow managed to average 24mph for the out and back, 19+ miles in 47.5 minutes.

I tried to switch out my cleats, but was missing longer screws because of the shims I use. I drove to ACE HARDWARE. They were very helpful. I stopped at WHOLE FOODS for dinner. I chose a slice of turkey, chicken curry salad, and mozzarella pasta salad. I also grabbed 2 dark chocolate chip walnut cookies. The rest of the night was spent setting up my race bags/bike, surfing the web, and watching TV.

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